Which Pokemon is number 303 and where you can catch it?


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Pokémon number 303 is Mawile. On SoulSilver only, Route 9.

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In the National Pokedex in Pokemon Platinum Mawile is Pokemon 303.

The number 303 can be factored into: 303 = 3 * 101. Thus, 303 is divisible by 1, 3, 101, and 303.

Mawile is #303 in the national pokedex, and it is a Steel-Fairy type Pokemon.

It's Heracross. You can catch it in the Safari Zone.

The lotto is determined by your trainer ID number, not a Pokemon - 36484 is your trainer ID number that any Pokemon you catch has.

Drifloon is, you can catch it in the grass outside Valley Windworks.

You can catch Haunter in Almia Castle or Oil Field Hideout.

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wat do you mean "how do you catch diamond Pokemon"?you catch Pokemon with pokeballs

what ever number followed by 303 zero's. Ex: 1 (and 303 0's.)

Pokemon number 162 is called Lickylicky, and you can't catch it, you have to evolve it from Lickitung (level up while knowing rollout) which you can catch on route 215.

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in which pokemon version ? in pokemon emerald you can catch it 70lvl.in pokemon ruby you can catch it 45lvl

Rotom. You can see/catch Rotom in the (haunted) house in Eterna Forest.

Rapidash, which you can catch in the grassland capture challenge.

you can catch water Pokemon when fish.

No, 303 is divisible by 3, 303 = 101 x 3; and also = 303 x 1. Since it has factors in addition to 1 and itself it is not prime.

1) catch a magicarp with an old rod 2) evolve it. or catch 130 "gyrados" with a super rod at various locations.

In Pokemon Ruby you can catch Groudon and Rayquaza, for Pokemon Saphire you can catch Kyogre and Rayquaza. As for Pokemon Emerald the 3rd sequel to the heonn region you can catch all 3!

You can catch Raquaza. Ruby you can catch Groudon and Saphire you can catch Kyogre.

In Pokemon Leaf Green, you can catch Pokemon in the grass, water, or in a cave.

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