Which President was nicknamed the builder of the great society?

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It was Lyndon Johnson.
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What was President Johnson's Great Society?

The Great Society was a war on poverty and was led by Lyndon BJohnson. There were several things involved in the Great Society : . Higher Education Act which allowed more students to attendcollege from things such as Pell Grants and loans, etc. . It also included the Water Quality Act which starte ( Full Answer )

What is 'Great Britain's' nickname?

England. Edit: NO! England and Great Britain are different! England is only one part of Great Britain, there is also Scotland and Wales, this answer is completely wrong! Great Britain's nickname is just Britain!

What was the great society plan?

The Great Society of President Lyndon B. Johnson was launched in1964. This set of programs was intended to eliminate poverty andracial injustice.

Who is a great contributor to your society who is black?

Maya Angelou, prominent author and poet contributed her poetry towomen and African Americans worldwide. Her book "I Know Why TheCaged Bird Sings" is a testimony of her strength and motherdaughter relationship.

How did the presidents get their nicknames?

Some of the them , such as "Ike" Eisenhower" and "Dutch Reagan" got their nicknames when they were boys. Some such as "Old Hickory" Jackson and "Old Rough and Ready" picked up nicknames from the men they commanded in the army. Others got their nicknames from campaigns and newspaper writers after t ( Full Answer )

Who was nicknamed great nullifier?

\nJohn C. Calhoun became known as "The Great Nullifier" because of his Civil War doctrine that asserted the right of the states to nullify any federal laws with which they disagreed.

How many builders built the Great Pyramid?

According to the ancient Greek historian and traveller Herodotus 100,000 slaves toiled for twenty years to build the Great Pyramid of king Khufu. Modern estimates put the number at 20,000 to 30,000. Some say that they were all slaves; a mixed workforce of skilled workers and slaves; or skilled worke ( Full Answer )

What the nickname for the great depresstion?

There is none. You may be thinking of Black Tuesday when the stock market crashed, or the Dirty Thirties but that was symbolizing the drought and farmers couldn't afford to irrigate because of the stock market crash.

What president is nicknamed ''the education president''?

Actually, a number of presidents have tried to associate themselves with improving education, but most recently, because of the passage of the "No Child Left Behind" act, former US President George W. Bush was called "the education president" by his supporters.

What were the goals of President Johnson's Great Society?

The Great Society had several major goals. Full civil rights for blacks and other minorities, economic help for the poor and disadvantaged of all races (known as the War on Poverty), the establishment of governmental agencies to train unemployed, generous funding for schools and colleges, and specia ( Full Answer )

Is koolkat a great nickname?

Koolkat is probably the greatest nickname of all time its even cooler than Dr.Breen in a freezer dawg!

How were mound builder societies characterized?

Large scale trade and commerce characterized mound buildersocieties. The mounds built by these civilizations were forreligious, ceremonial, burial, and residential purposes.

What president was nicknamed?

One for each (there are many others.. ) Barack Obama "Barry" George W. Bush "Dubya" Bill Clinton "The Comeback Kid" George HW Bush "Poppy" Reagan "The Gipper" James Carter "Jimmy" Gerald Ford "Mr. Nice Guy" Richard Nixon "Tricky Dick" Lyndon Johnson "LBJ" John Kenendy "Jack" Dwight Eisenhower "Ike" ( Full Answer )

Who was a great empire builder in Africa?

Technically speaking, Ramses II and Hannibal Barca were the greatest empire-builders in Africa. However, that's a cop-out. Egypt under Ramses was really more of a Mesopotamian nation than an African nation, having more in common with their Middle-Eastern neighbors than their African ones. Hannibal B ( Full Answer )

Which president nicknamed the silent president?

Calvin Coolidge was nicknamed 'Silent Cal'. According to legend, his wife once made him a bet that she could get him to say more than 3 words in one hour. The only 2 words he said were "you lose." But legends aside, the truth about Coolidge is more nuanced. While it is true he was taciturn and not t ( Full Answer )

Why was president Eisenhower a great president?

Eisenhower is rarely described as a great president but perhaps he should be given higher marks. Historians tend to reserve the greatness label for presidents who either served during extremely difficult times or else made major decisions that coincide with the political view of the historian. Per ( Full Answer )

What did President Johnson's Great Society accomplish?

Only 11% of Americans were below the poverty line well into Nixon's administration because of the Great Society. Another benefit of the program was the creation of Medicaid and Medicare which are very important programs in America today. It also achieved the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which did many i ( Full Answer )

What was the great society and who waS the president?

Lyndon Johnson was the President who started the Great Society programs. The Great Society was a set of domestic programs proposed or enacted in the United States on the initiative of President Lyndon B. Johnson. Two main goals of the Great Society social reforms were the elimination of poverty a ( Full Answer )

What did president Lyndon Johnson's great society aim to attack?

The Great Society focused on eliminating poverty (War on Poverty) and racial injustice (both Civil Rights Acts and the Voting Rights Act) and overcoming disease (Medicare and Medicaid) and ignorance (Elementary and Secondary Education Act and the Higher Education Act).

What makes a president a great president?

Lots of devotion to the country, kindness, and a good sense about what needs to be done. . A great President is known for his leadership in a time of great strife or upheaval. Washington was arguably the strongest force behind the founding of the US, and Lincoln kept it from breaking apart. FDR le ( Full Answer )

What is Alexander the great nickname?

Sasha It was popularized as a personal name by the ancient Macedonian leader Alexander the Great. In the course of conquering much of the known world, from Egypt to India, Alexander also gave his name to numerous cities.

What is a nickname for the great plains?

it was Great Plains it never changed its a trick question literally my teacher told me that and i looked it up and it said the same thing trust me its correct:)

How was President John Adams a morale builder?

Before John Adams was president he defended a Brittish soldier ontrial even when his fellow Massachussets men did anything butsupport him, however he proclaimed to represent the law, despitedesputes between the Brittish and Americans. Since the British madelaws that negatively effected him afterward ( Full Answer )

Which president nickname was the peoples president?

Andrew Jackson is given this name sometimes. because he was the first "common" man to be elected President. By that term is meant that he had little education and was not from a wealthy or well-connected family like the first six Presidents.

Why is shah jahan thought of as the great builder?

We can say it that Shah Jahan was a great builder bcoz he built many beautiful monuments which r vry famous like TAJ MAHAL, RED FORT etc.....we know Taj Mahal was the seven wonder of the world it was built with pure white marble n in the momory of his beautiful queen Mamtaz Mahal n in dis way Red Fo ( Full Answer )

How do you be a great person in the society?

well for one you can help a granny cross the street, turn into a human super man or you could buy some of that spray stuff in a can and pretend your spider man (it looks like cow brains if you mush it up) but the top thing is to go around with carrier bags and help people with broken primark bags. h ( Full Answer )

What is the real nickname of great wall?

The nickname of the great wall is the sleeping dragon because of its long snakelike shape my answer is sleeping dragon its true i read it