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Jodha Bai

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Q: Which Rajput princess did Akbar marry to?
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Who was rajput princess jodhabais husband?

The Mogul Emperor, Akbar was Jodha Bai's husband.

What religion was Akbar's wife?

Even though Emperor Akbar was a Muslim, he treated all religions equally. His third wife was a Hindu Rajput Princess. Three of his other wives were of Islamic religion.

Who was Akbar's third wife?

Its Hira Kunwari, a Rajput princess popularly known as Jodha Bai, eldest daughter of Raja Bharmal of Amber.

Did Akbar the great have a tower of heads?

yes! after his campaign in rajput lands

Could a Kashyap rajput marry a luddu rajput gotra and is kashyap rajput a lower caste than luddu rajput?


Who was raja of rathambhor in history?

He was one of a rajput leader who was defeated by "Akbar the Great"!

What is the history of akbar's hindu wife?

akbar attacked the rajputs and won but thr rajput king to increase his ties with akbar gave him his daughter as a wife who later bore birth to saleem.

Who refused to bow his head before Akbar the Great?

rana pratap a rajput ruler of mewar

Akbar Followed the policy of conciliation towards the rajputs with a view to?

Marrying Rajput ladies

What was the Rajput policy of Akbar?

akbar had three rajput policies he married rajputs and gave them all rights in his court, he followed a policy of religious tolerance and he gave rajputs high positions in his court like tansen todar mal ect. this way akbar found a solution to end the religious conflicts.

What is the name of first wife of akbar's 33 wives daughter of a rajput king?

Jodha Bai

What is the birth place of Akbar the Great?

Akbar was born on 15 October 1542 (the fourth day of Rajab, 949 AH), at the Rajput Fortress of Umerkot in Sindh.