Which Swedish group was known as the ABBA of the 1990s?

* Release of an EP featuring cover versions of their songs, which topped the charts in the spring of 1992. The September 1992 release of ABBA Gold Greatest Hits, a new compilation album, ended up selling massively worldwide and setting chart longevity records. In the U.S. the album became the most popular ABBA release ever, selling more than six million copies to date. The remaining members of ABBA were offered one billion dollars to go on a tour of 100 concerts, but they turned it down. * ABBA broke up in 1982/83 so it wouldn't and couldn't have been them as they were not around. Erasure had many hits using ABBA's backing tracks as a basis of their music. * Perhaps you are referring to A-Teens, a Swedish group who did ABBA covers and modern remixes. * The British group known as "Steps" were also referred to as "the ABBA of the '90's".