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* Release of an EP featuring cover versions of their songs, which topped the charts in the spring of 1992. The September 1992 release of ABBA Gold Greatest Hits, a new compilation album, ended up selling massively worldwide and setting chart longevity records. In the U.S. the album became the most popular ABBA release ever, selling more than six million copies to date. The remaining members of ABBA were offered one billion dollars to go on a tour of 100 concerts, but they turned it down. * ABBA broke up in 1982/83 so it wouldn't and couldn't have been them as they were not around. Erasure had many hits using ABBA's backing tracks as a basis of their music. * Perhaps you are referring to A-Teens, a Swedish group who did ABBA covers and modern remixes. * The British group known as "Steps" were also referred to as "the ABBA of the '90's".

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Q: Which Swedish group was known as the ABBA of the 1990s?
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Is Abba Swedish?

Yes, Abba was a Swedish pop group.

Where is the music group ABBA from?

ABBA is a Swedish group. I come from Sweden!

Was ABBA English yes or no?

ABBA, as in the musical group were Swedish.

What is the Swedish group for mama mia?


Swedish pop super group from 1970s?


Where did the Swedish pop group ABBA get their name from?

from there names

What year did the group ABBA release the songs?

The Swedish group ABBA released the bulk of their songs between the years 1972 and 1982.

Who sang the original-I believe in angels?

the Swedish group ABBA

What Swedish rock group had a hit with Dancing Queen?


Where are the ABBA people from?

The group known as ABBA are from Sweden.

What nation is the ABBA from?

SwedenABBA is a Swedish pop group.

Is the pop group ABBA English?

no their all Swedish but frida is norweigian

When was ABBA a Swedish pop music group formed?

ABBA was first formed in 1970. Abba recorded their first song in 1972.

Was ABBA English?

ABBA were Swedish

What ws the name of the swedish female group with a hit song in 1990?


What nationality are ABBA members?

The members of ABBA are Swedish.

What does ABBA mean in English?

The Swedish musical group by that name is just each members first initial. But the actual work Abba means God.

Where is the quote 'I haven't seen a rifle in your hand' from?

This lyric is from the song "Fernando" by the Swedish group ABBA.

What singer has the initials A F?

Agnetha Fältskog (formerly of the Swedish group ABBA)

What nationalities are in the group ABBA?

Three of the four principal members of Abba are Swedish. One, Anni-Frid Lyngstad, was born in Norway but moved to Sweden when she was an infant.

The artist to the the song its the name of the game?

Swedish pop group Abba recorded the song "The Name of the Game."

Are the members of ABBA Swedish?

Yes, they are.

Was the pop group ABBA from Europe?

Three are Swedish, while Anni-Frid Synni isNorwegian.

What was the name of the swedish female group made up of four girls that had a hit pop song in 1990 and this song was sung in swedish and was not ABBA?

Group: Troll Hit song: Jimmy Dean

Is there any way to contact the group ABBA?

No possible way. The group known as ABBA has not been together since 1982 or 1983. It no longer exists.

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