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Parayar is a caste found mostly in Tamil Nadu, Puducherry and Kerala. They are also called as "Adidravidar". Tamil actors who belongs to this caste are Jai, Premji Amaran, Lawrence Raghavendar, Illaiyaraja.
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What is a list of Tamil Nadu's MLAs?

Sl. No. Name of Members Constituency Name Party Name 1. S. Abdul Rahim Avadi AIADMK 2. Agri. S.S.Krishnamoorthy (Hon. Minister) Kalasapakkam AIADMK 3. Alagaapuram R. Mohan Raj Salem (North) DMDK 4. Tmt. K. Alaguvelu Kallakurichi (SC) AIADMK 5. M.S.M. Anandan Tiruppur (North) AIADMK 6. G. Anbalagan K ( Full Answer )

What is latin for cast list?

\nDramatis personae...\n. \nJust Google that term and you'll see all the definitions, etc. Hope that helps!

Where can you find video cast lists?

Casting calls are often posted on the video produces and localacting guilds sites. Sometimes they post ads on sites likecraigslist as well.

Who is Tamil actor mgr?

Actor MGR was a mass hero in Tamil film industry during 60's 70's . He was darling of masses. He was born in Kandi in Sri Lanka. He later become a chief minister of Tamilnadu and was unbeaten till his death. He was first actor ever to become a chief minister of state in Democratic India.

Please list the Punjabi caste by their order?

In PUNJAB the hierarchy among the castes is asbelow: . At the top place reside the Kshatriyas/Khatris of Punjab. WithinKshatriyas their is ranking too which is as below: . Aikam Ghar (Rehal) and Khukhrain (Anand, Bhasin, Chadha,etc.) . Dhai Ghar (Kapoor, Khanna, Malhotra) . Barah Ghar (Tandon ( Full Answer )

Tamil actors address?

Tamil has many actors and actresses who are linked to them. Theyhave not publicly released a address though they can be contactedthrough social media.

What is a list of electronics and communication companies in Tamil Nadu?

1. Amar Electronics 111,oppanakara street coimbatore, Tamilnadu, India (Contact: M.Shreedhar} Products/Services : Electronic products, components Integrated Circuits (ODD) 2. Ragavi Industrial Electronics 41.thiaki kumaran street seeranaicken palayam coimbatore, TAMILNADU, India (Contact: R ( Full Answer )

Upcoming Tamil actor salary?

Rajini 19+Cr\n \nKamal 15cr \n \nAjith 8.5Cr\n \nVijay 7.5Cr\n \nSurya 6Cr\n \nVikram 5Cr+\n \nBy\n Production centre,Tamil\n \nUpdated on 3/11/09

How can you get the voters list in Tamil Nadu state?

You can get the voters list for tamilnadu in the following link http://www.elections.tn.gov.in Steps: -------- . Select the district you want to see. . Select the Assembly Constituency. . Select the polling booth. . Verify the name.

Tamil actor Surya height?

Height of Tamil actor surya is 5'6" Kamal Haasan height is 5'6" Vivek(comedian)-5'6" Nassar-5'6" Prabhu Ganesan-5'7" Anandharaj(actor)-5'7" Jai(actor)-5'7" Santhanam-5'7" Raghava Lawrance-5'7" Bharath-5'7.5" Rajni Kaanth-5'8" Arjun Sarja-5'8" Dhanush-5'8"

When will there be a final cast list for new moon?

Summit Entertainment is slowly starting to release the new cast for New Moon. So we should have the full official list late April. They have already announced the Wolf Pack, and Volturi members such as Jane(Dakota Fanning), Heidi(Noot Seear) and Caius(Jamie Cambell-Bower). So the rest should be comi ( Full Answer )

What is the cast list for the movie new moon?

Summit hasn't officially released anything yet. But it is certain that the returning cast are: Robert Pattinson-Edward Cullen Kristen Stewart-Bella Swan, Billy Burke-Charlie Swan Ashley Greene-Alice Cullen Jackson Rathbone-Jasper Hale Nikki Reed-Rosalie Hale Kellan Lutz-Emmett Cullen Peter Facinell ( Full Answer )

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List the names of all the 32 districts in Tamil Nadu?

There are a total of 32 districts in Tamil Nadu. They are: . Chennai . Coimbatore . Cuddalore . Dharmapuri . Dindigul . Erode . Kanchipuram . Kanyakumari . Karur . Krishnagiri . Madurai . Nagapattinam . Namakkal . Perambalur . Pudukottai . Ramanathapuram . Salem . Sivagangai ( Full Answer )

What is the cast list for the film 300?

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Who are all the gay actors in Tamil?

Actor surya vijay prasanth prakashraj jeeva jithanramesh madhavan silambarasan arjun sreekanth karthisivakumar nanda are confirmed gay actors.

Who is the best actor of Tamil cinema?

Rajnikanth- Thalaivar is the biggest hero of Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam or Kannada..OR even Hindi cinema... Rajnikanth known as Thalaivar by his fans and admirers is a down to earth person and looks forward for humanity... he is a person of good heart and pure mind... and hence he is known as Thalaiv ( Full Answer )

Who is the best actor in Tamil cinema?

The question stated is completely opinion driven. There is no definite answer because poeple's tastes differ. Actor Rajnikanth however is the oldest actor in the field, hence he can be quoted as the best due to his varying performances and movies. He immensely reputed and well known since his career ( Full Answer )

What is Tamil actor Surya?

he is a actor that acts in movies in a language called tamil I know I am him

List of Tamil nadu latest ministers list?

New tamilnadu ministers list 2011-Tamilnadu Ministers List 2011 - Jayalalithas TN Ministers List 2011 Declared- 2011 Declared List of ministers of Tamil Nadu | New Tn Ministers names and postings J.Jayalalithaa - Chief Minister, Public,Indian Administrative Service, Indian Police Service, India ( Full Answer )

What is the Magi-Nation cast list?

Tony Jones - Lyon Smith Edyn - Martha MacIsaac Strag - Daniel Petronijevic Orwin - Rick Miller Furok - Alan Park Ugger - Joseph Motiki Freep - Rick Miller Agram - Martin Roach Zed - Rory O'Shea Korg - Alex Karzis

Tamil nadu ministers name list in 2010?

List of Members . Constituency No. . Constituency . Name . Party Name . District . 001 . Royapuram . JAYAKUMAR. D . AIADMK . Chennai . 002 . Harbour . ANBAZHAGAN. K . DMK . Chennai . 003 . Dr. Radhakrishnan Nagar . SEKAR BABU. P.K . AIADMK . Chennai . 004 . Park Town . SRI ( Full Answer )

List of sub-castes in India?

Discrimination against the lower caste in India is illegal under Article 15 of its constitution, but discrimination and violence continue to be reported. The main caste categories are Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vishay's, and Shudras. The lowest of the low are categorized as Untouchables. The main castes ( Full Answer )

Which caste is majority in Tamil nadu?

No caste is majority. By population order (I added all subcastes into single caste), mutharaiyar(its 29 subcastes)~19% Vanniars form ~20% nadar~6% Kongu Vellalar Gounders form ~8%. Thevars form ~7%. Chettiar (excluding Kannada/Telugu origin), Muthaliars, Pillai (tot~10%). Scheduled Castes like ( Full Answer )

List of top 25 engineering college in Tamil Nadu?

Indian Institute of Technology National Institute of Technology Anna University Anna University SSN College of Engineering SRM University Hindustan University Sathyabama University Vel's University Vel Tech Technical University St jospeh's College of Engineering PSG College of Tehnology ( Full Answer )

Does Tamil actor karthi with anyone?

Actor Karthi was married on July 3rd to Ranjani in a private ceremony. The marriage was an arranged one. Karthi is now concentrating on tamil films, and is also going to appear in a few telugu films.

Who is the most favourite Tamil actor?

Ultimate Star "Ajith Kumar". He is different from many other actors. He also has about 72,000 fan clubs which is the highest in Tamil Nadu for a single actor.

What is the cast list for Jaws the revenge?

lorraine gary, lance guest, mario van peebles, karen young, judith barsi, lynn whitfield, mitchell anderson and michael caine. those are just the maine stars.

Who are the top 10 actors in Tamil?

1. Rajinkanth 2. Kamalhasan 3. Joseph Vijay 4. Surya 5. Ajith kumar 6. Vikram 7. Dhanush 8. Karthi 9. Simbu 10. Jeeva

How old karthi tamil actor?

karthi sivakumar is currently 35 years old. he recently married Ranjani on July 3rd, 2011. He has given power packed performances in Siruthai and Paruthiveeran

What is the cast list for cars 2?

Owen Wilson as Lightning McQueen Larry The Cable Guy as Mater Michael Caine as Finn McMissile Emily Mortimer as Holley Shiftwell Eddie Izzard as Miles Axlerod Jason Isaacs as Siddeley Thomas Kretschmann as Professor Zundapp Joe Mantegna as Grem Peter Jacobson as Acer Tony Shalhoub ( Full Answer )

Is Tamil actor Simbbu gay?

No Simbu is not gay. He's is like Arya, he is just waiting for the right person. BTW, whoever said that Surya was gay, please get your facts right. He is married!

What is the cast list of Halloween?

kyle richards- lindsay wallace* jamie lee curtis- laurie strode* donald pleasence- dr. samuel loomis* PJ soles- lynda van der klok* nancy loomis- annie brackett* brian andrews- tommy doyle

What is the cast list of Halloween 2?

jamie lee curtis- laurie strode* jeffrey kramer- graham* donald pleasence- dr. loomis* lance guest- jimmy* kyle richards- lindsay wallace* brian andrews- tommy doyle* nancy loomis- annie brackett

Who vishwakarma caste in Tamil actors?

First Tamil Super Star MK Thyagaraja Bhagavadhar, Santhanam, R Parthiban, SV Subbiah, Brahmanandham, Ajay Devgan, Kadhal Bharath, Actress Sukanya, MN Rajam Harbhajan Singh, Pragyan Ojha, Current Singapore President Sellappan Ramanathan

What is Tamil actor simbu height?

His height is 5'9". Other actors that are 5'9" are: Arya Ajith Kumar Prakash Raj Arun Vijay Vijay Kanth

What are some Tamil nadu latest ministers list IN 2014?

Ministers Photo Ministers Name Department ABDUL RAHIM.S Backward Classes, Most Backward Classes And Denotified Communities, Overseas Indians, Refugees & Evacuees And Minorities Welfare Including Wakf. ANANDAN.M.S.M Environment And Forests Department CHENDUR PANDIAN.P Tourism,Culture And Religious En ( Full Answer )