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What classifies as losing your virginity?

For a male or female; it is the first time you have penetrative sexual intercourse. It makes no difference if the hymen is broken or not.

How do you take someone's virginity?

Losing your virginity is having sexual intercourse for the first time. This applies to both male and female.

Can a guy lose his virginity to a girl?

Yes, a male (guy) can lose his virginity to a female (girl) by having sexual intercourse.

How do you lose your virginity without a boyfriend?

Some would say that with a female, if she never has sexual intercourse with a male, she hasn't lost her virginity and won't until she does so with a male. Others say, if she has sexual encounters with a female, it can still count as loss of virginity depending on what they do. All in all, one must have some sort of sexual intercourse with another in order to lose their virginity and can't lose it any other way.

By putting pens in the vagina can a girl lose her virginity?

No, only by having sexual intercourse can a female (or male) lose her virginity; pens do not count.

Can a woman loose her virginity if a male puts his fingers in her vagina?

well it depends what you consider loss of virginity many people have different views. However, I personally don't believe that constitutes the loss of virginity

Can a girl lose her virginity without sexual intercourse?

No, she can not and nor can any male orfemale. A person must engage in sexual intercourse to lose their virginity; however, a female may lose her hymen (which is not her virginity) from any numerous activity, such as, athletics, horseback riding, masturbation, etc.

Is there any physical differences of a virgin male or not?

No, sexual activity does not have any physical effects. Self-esteem and self-confidence do increase after a male loses his virginity.

How does a boy lose his virginity with another boy?

It depends on how a person views virginity to be loss with someone of the same gender.Some say that a male can't lose his virginity to another male no matter what, while others say it's through anal penetration, and even others say that if there are sexual acts between two homosexual/bisexual males, that can count as a loss of virginity.The Dictionary defines a Virgin as somebody who has never had penetrative sexual intercourse with the opposite gender !

When a women is a virgin and if she fingers herself would she lose her virginity?

No, a woman would not lose her virginity. It is just like a male masturbating he does not lose his virginity. Losing one virginity takes two people who has a bond with each other and have sexual relations. I hope that helped - Mr. Love Guy

Can girl lose her virginity by doing self sex?

It depends on your precise definition of virginity. Having an intact hymen is an indication of virginity. However, the hymen can be broken by means other than sexual intercourse. By vigorous sports or masturbation for instance. That is why a broken hymen is not always an indication that a female has had sexual intercourse. Generally speaking a girl losing her virginity means having full penetrative vaginal intercourse with a male for the first time.

How do you break a guys virginity?

You break his virginity when he has his first orgasm with a female or male partner.

How to check the male virginity?

There is no way check. When a male loses his virginity there is no outward sign to show that he has or hasn't. You can only ask him and take his word for it or not.

How do you check the virginity of a muslim man?

There is no way to check a man's virginity, be he Muslim or not. Unlike in women, where the hymen is ruptured during sexual intercourse, there is no physical change to the penis or other male structures that indicate having gone through vaginal intercourse.

When does a male lose his virginity?

when he wins love, and sex.

Will you go to jail for losing your virginity at 13 if your a male?


Why do boys have sexual desires?

For the same reason women have - testosterone, the male hormone that makes you horny.

What is the movie 'Me and My Dick' - 2009 about?

The movie 'Me and My Dick' - 2009 - is a comedy about a teen male who wants to lose his virginity and his understanding of his penis and sexual matters. The movie was self-rated for Mature audiences.

How male power in society lead sexual abuse?

the male power in society lead sexual abuse is male dominant.

When is it best for a guy to lose his virginity?

It's for a male to lose his virginity when he is mentally, physically, and legally mature and ready, and when he is willing. Any sooner can be trouble.

What is the average age for a male to lose his virginity?

average is 17-19 years

How does a gay male lose his virginity?

The same way as a heterosexual male: by having sex. The concept of "losing virginity" is archaic, and not specific. In general, any person who has sex, gay or straight, loses virginity. The kind of sex required to be in that category depends on many factors, including culture and personal identity.

Are animals asexual or sexual?

Sexual, they have to be male and female to reproduce.

What is the male hormone that stimulates the development of the male sexual secondary characteristics?

Androgenes: male hormone that stimulates the development of the male sexual secondary characteristics. Testorones are the primary stimulates.

Should you just put the tip in when you lose your virginity?

It depends, if you are doing this to a male and you are a male then go in slowly if you are a male doing this to a female, SHOVE IT IN THERE! THEY LIKE IT! TRUST ME!