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Nigel Thatch is the actor's name

2006-08-09 13:02:15
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Q: Which actor played football player Leon in the Bud Light commercials from two years ago?
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Who played doll in the miller light beer commercials?

Lee Meredith played the " Doll".

Which Patriot player played with Shawn Phillips at purdue?

Patriots left tackle Matt Light played football with Shawn Phillips at Purdue.

Where online can one view Miller Light commercials?

One can view Miller Light commercials online by going to the video sharing website YouTube. They have numerous uploads of such commercials from a number of countries.

Which ex football player is in the new Bud Light commercial?

Jim Brown

Who is the male in the Michelob light commercials?

matthew mccaughney

Is Nick Cannon in any Miller Light commercials?


Who does the voice over in the coors light commercials?

John O'Hurley

Who is the black guy in Bud Light playbook commercials?

carl weathers

Where can one watch a Bud Light commercial?

Bud Light commercials are available on YouTube, uploaded by various people not affiliated with Budweiser. You can find commercials from throughout Bud Light's history, and they are free to view.

How much has Bud Light made from commercials?

Negative a lot. You don't make money from commercials, you spend money on commercials. It's difficult to then track back what commercial resulted in any given purchase.

Which actor played the guy with the Bud Light can at the end of the Bud Light opera wave commercial?

Nat Faxon That's Nat Faxon. You probably recognize him from beerfest and holiday inn commercials.

Who is the black truck driver in the Miller Light commercials?

Alexander Jerome Walton

Who plays at the stadium light in football?

sunderland football club

Who was in the first light beer commercial?

Matt Snell and Ernie Stautner were in the first light beer commercial by Miller. In an episode of "Married With Children," Al Bundy and Jefferson D'arcy had an argument over which was in the first. Bubba Smith or Billy Martin. They were both wrong as those football stars were in later light beer commercials.

Who is the new girl on Nashville Nissan Commercials and what happened to Jolene?

Jolene Youngster is now appearing in national commercials (such as Coors Light) and is currently the National Spokesperson for the Ball Bike.

Who is the actress in the Progressive ad named Rachel?

The actress that plays Rachel in the funny Progressive commercials is Melanie Paxson. Melanie has also done commercials for Yoplait Light and Dayquil.

Is carl weathers in a Bud Light commercial?

Yes..he's in the Bud Light Playbook commercials..aka the Girlies (should spell Grizzlies).

Who is the announcer in the national car rental commercials?

He is Pete Stacker who was also the voice over for the Men of Real Genius commericals for Bud Light that the National Car Rental commercials imitate.

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There have been numerous actors and actresses in the Yoplait Light commercials over the years. A couple of the actors were Sarah Kozinn and Lisa Kudrow.

Are there any modern examples of mock heroic?

yes. my favorite being the bud light "Real Men of Genius" commercials.

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