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Which age group has life insurance?


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A life insurance policy can be had from 0 age (child policy) to a person of maximum 65 years (pension policy).

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No. Group life does not belong to you.

Group term life insurance is a one year coverage that is renewable at the end of each year. The group plan is subject to experience rating, so the premium rate upon renewal is based on such factors as the loss record (death) of the group and range of employee ages. All employees are insured with group term life insurance. Realistically, coverage is temporary because on termination of employment the employee usually does not convert the group term coverage to individual permanent life insurance, because the conversion is at a higher attained age rate. And, the permanent life insurance costs much more than group term insurance.

Group universal life insurance, which is a voluntary life insurance policy can be found through MetLife. Here one wil find all information regarding the insurance.

Saga car insurance is a British Company that caters to the older generation. Saga car insurance is designed for the age group of people older than age 50.

The group term life insurance works just as a regular life insurance company would but their premiums are lower and they are very fair with their monthly prices.

Yes, there are life insurance companies which offer life insurance for people who are 77 years old. Globe Life offers simplified life insurance with no medical exam required to people age 78 and under.

American General offers whole insurance, life insurance, group life insurance, annuities, and voluntary life insurance.

There are policies that can be taken for a newborn, and oldest age anyone may apply for life insurance is up to age 85.

Colonial Penn, MetLife, AARP, USAA, Group Life Insurance, Engage Mutual Assurance, Family Insurance Services and LifeBroker are all insurance companies offering life insurance policies for those over 50 years old.

What happens to your Employee Group Life insurance investment after you retire from employment

Yes, a good agent or broker can find life insurance coverage available for you at age 84.

Insurance can be bought at any age for an individual. You can even get insurance policies for your children.

Andrew Moss is the Group Chief Executive of Aviva Life Insurance.

Group Term Life (life insurance)

Anybody under the age of 85 can apply for standard life insurance.

This should depend largely on the age of your children. If they are of young age, they are relatively safe and only minimum life insurance is required. If they are at work age, insurance should be proportionally larger, around $2000 could give you a good life insurance.

The age group that is targeted for Secure Horizon insurance is people who are fifty years of age and older. One can learn more on the Secure Horizon official website.

You should always have individual Life Insurance even if you have group insurance. You should get personally owned insurance as young as you can as it will ultimately cost less. Most group plans are not protable however it sounds like yours is. This means you can convert it without any further evidence of insurability. If your health is good to excellent it may be less costly to look at other insurance options thru a broker. At that time the underwriting is based on your age and health and a few other criteria.

Farmers Insurance Group is an American insurance company which offer home insurance, life insurance, automotive insurance and business insurance. They can also offer financial services such as loans.

Yes, until renewal time. Rarely is there a problem with keeping the same coverage, because that is a big money make for insurance companies. (group life)

"In what class of life insurance are individual life insurance policies issued to members of a group with an employer or other body collecting or remitting the premiums to the insurer?"

Yes, many life insurance companies offer life insurance to applicants who are 81 and still insurable. Expect a lot of questions about your need for life insurance, your finances and your health.

There is no age restriction for a beneficiary on a life insurance policy.

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