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The 14th Amendment

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Q: Which amendment involves immigration
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Was there a case involving the first amendment?

what contoversy involves the first amendment

What amendment extended individual rights?

There are several amendments in the Constitution that establish individual rights. The first ten amendments, which are also known as the Bill of Rights guarantee personal liberty. In addition, the Fifteenth (the right to vote), Nineteenth( women's suffrage), twenty-fourth(extended suffrage) and twenty-sixth amendments(extended suffrage).

Congress first began to regulate immigration in what year?

in 1790 with the 14th amendment

What is an issue people are concerned about?

Economy, immigration, 2d Amendment, abortion, death penalty (not in that order)

What is the only way that the United States' constitution can be changed?

By amendment, which usually involves a Constitutional convention.

What is the exception to the Thirteenth Amendment's abolitionist of involuntary servitude?

The exception to the Thirteenth Amendment's abolishing involuntary servitude involves action by a court of law. Thus, prisoners must do work they do not want to do. They become slaves.

Progressive reformers tried to make politics more efficient and fair around the turn of the century through what?

passing a constitutional amendment to restrict immigration

What are the similarities and differences between migration and immigration?

Immigration and migration are the same because they both involve some type of moving from one place to another, the difference is that immigration involves a certain group of people traveling in some sort of pack and migration is basically a group of people who move from one place to another from time to time.

What problems does England face?

Immigration, immigration and immigration.

What was the goal of nativism?

to stop Immigration

How did the red scare add to nativist opposition to immigration?


What is a immigration facility?

what is immigration facility

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