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That is covered by the Fourth Amendment.

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What amendment requires the government to provide a lawyer for those accused of a crime if they can't afford one?

It was the 5th Amendment

What constitutional principle requires that similarly situated people be treated similarly by government?

"Equal Protection" under the 14th Amendment.

Which amendment requires a warrant to search someone's property?

The Fourth AmendmentFourth Amendment.

What is written in the 28th amendment that applies to 2013?

There has been no 28th amendment passed. However the 27th Amendment relates to the 2013 Partial Government Shutdown. The 27th states that congress can not change there salary while serving there tern in office. It also requires them to be paid during government shutdowns.

Which amendment requires a search warrant to search someones property?

Amendment 4 requires a search warrant to search someones property.

The amendment process requires the involvement of?

The amendment process requires involvement by both houses of Congress and the state legislatures. There are methods in place for either of these bodies to initiate the amendment process.

What Constitutional Amendment requires direct election of US Senators?

The seveenteenth amendment

Which amendment requires a search warrant to search someone's property?

Fourth Amendment.

Which amendment has been interpreted to extend the provision of the natural bill of rights?

The 14th amendment requires state governments to give their citizens the same rights that the federal government does. Before the 14th amendment, the state governments had almost unlimited authority over their citizens.

To change part of the Constitution requires an?


What does the informal amendment process entail?

There is no "informal amendment " process. To add or change an amendment requires a process as laid out in the constitution.

What amendment requires that congressman wait until the new election to collect on a raise?

The 27th amendment.

Which amendment requires a search warrant from a judge before police can conduct a search?

Fourth Amendment (A+)

What gives a church the legal authority to ordain and have its ordinations recognized by the government?

In the united states, the government has no role in the recognition of an ordination. The First Amendment requires the Federal Government to not interfere with the doctrine of any faith. This would include decisions about ordination.

What is the policy that requires men to serve in the military?

first amendment

What requires a change to the written words of the Constitution?

formal amendment.

What is the difference between a constitutional amendment and a congress passed act?

a. A constitutional amendment requires a 2/3 vote in both houses. It also requires to be ratified by ¾ of the state legislatures. b. A law requires a majority vote in both houses.

How did the platt amendment make the independent nation of cuba a protectorate of the US?

The amendment requires U.S. approval for Cuba's treaties.

What is the rule that requires the police to have a reason to search your property?

The 4th amendment

The amendment process requires 2 steps proposal and?

proposal and ratification

What amendment required popular election of us senators?

The 17th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution requires popular election of U.S. Senators.

What does the 7th amendment mean in plain language?

The Seventh Amendment requires jury trials in civil lawsuits where ordinary damages are sought.

What does the Twelfth Amendment require?

It requires electors to vote for president and vice president.

How can the constituiton be amended?

ratification of the amendment requires three fourths of the states to ratify.

What does the 12th amendment require?

It requires the electors to vote on seperate sheets of paper.