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Which animal has 3 hearts?

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Which animal have more then one hearts?

octupus have 3 hearts

Which is the aquatic animal with 3 hearts?

a cuttlefish

Which aquatic animal has 3 hearts?

a cuttlefish

Which animal has 9 brains and 3 hearts?

The octopus has nine brains and three hearts.

What marine animal has 3 hearts and 1 bone?


Which animal have three hearts?

Octopus and earthworms both have 3 hearts and blue blood catalas fish.

What animal has three hearts and lays eggs?

worns has 3 hearts an also lays eggs

Is there an animal with 3 hearts?

yes a octopus and one more specie has 4 hearts hope you got your answer

Which animal has got three hearts?

octopuses have 3 hearts and so do earthworms, squids have 3 hearts, so do crocodiles also some fish have 3 hearts i think frogs do too but i am not sure. earthworms also have blue blood. i hope this answer is some help

Which animal have three heart without octopos?

Squid also have 3 hearts.

What animals have 4 hearts?

No animal have four hearts.

Which animal has three hearts?

An octopus has three hearts.

How many hearts do octupuss have?

3 hearts 3 hearts

Is there an animal with 5 hearts?

Yes an earthworm has five hearts.

Game where you are a animal?


To what animal group does an animal with a two-chambered heart belong to?

Fish are the animal group that have two-chambered hearts. Reptiles and amphibians have three-chambered hearts and mammals have four-chambered hearts.

Which animal has blue blood and three hearts?

Octopus and earthworms both have 3 hearts and blue blood catalas fish................... By, madhup mani edited by olliehammy.

What is the difference between reptile hearts and amphibian hearts?

depends on the animal

How much do animal hearts weigh?

It depends on the animal you are talking about.

Why does an octopus have 3 hearts?

by having 3 hearts

What animal have 5 heart?

a "starfish" has 5 hearts. A 'starfish' has 5 hearts.

How can a earth worm have hearts?

because it is a living animal and it needs hearts to live

What animal has two hearts?

A giraffe

Which animal has two hearts?


Which animal has five hearts?