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the snail- 1,500 to 50,000 teeth

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Which animal has 100 teeth?

The giant armadillo has the most teeth of any land animal. It can have as many as one hundred teeth in its mouth.

Name the animal has the most teeth?

The animal with themost teeth is the snail. Though the snail seems small, the snail has many, many teeth

Which niche does an animal with sharp teeth most likely fill?

If an animal has sharp pointed teeth it is probably a carnivore.

Which animal has highest number of teeth?

Probably the shark it has rows of teeth and it grows back

What are animal teeth?

The teeth of an animal.

Which animal don't have teeth?

Most reptiles don't have teeth, but a few do. Almost all mammals do have teeth. An example is that a penguin doesn't have teeth.

What land animal has the most teeth?

On land the mammal with the most teeth is the Giant Armadillo (Priodontes giganteus), order Edentata, which can as many 100 teeth in its jaws.

How many permant teeth do most adult have?

well most aduldts do have an uneven number of teeth but most adults have 32 permanet teeth

What animal has teeth in its stomach?

The animal that has teeth in the stomach is a lobster...

How are sharks unique?

they have the most teeth of any animal, besides the whale

What are the types of animal teeth?

there are many kinds of animal teeth such as flat teeth sharp and pointed teeth or even both like humans do!

Whats the most poisenous animal in Australia?

The koala bear is the most dangerous animal in Australia with its visciious claws and teeth and with its droppings you could die

What is the number 1 most dangerous animal?

humans are number 1 on the deadliest animal

What animal has no teeth?

Insects and birds have no teeth.

What is one difference between animal teeth and people teeth?

Many animal teeth (cats) are much sharper than the same teeth in humans.

Why is the most common animal fossils are shell bones and teeth?

invertebrates are the most commonly found fossils because they

What is the most teeth a horse has had?

The maximum number may be 44.

Which animal has the sharpest teeth?

Piranhas have the sharpest teeth.

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