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Baby goats are the most common baby animal known as kids. Adult male goats are known as billy goats and adult female goats are properly called nanny goats.

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What are baby goats called?

KIDS Young goats are known as 'kids'.

Young ones of animals?

cubs, fawns, foals, kids (goat).

What animals baby is known as cygnet?

A cygnet is a young swan.

What animals have their young in the spring?

Sheep (lambs) Goats (kids) Deer (fawns)

Do pigs eat living animals?

They have been known to eat small young animals if not prevented.

What are male and female young goats called?

Young goats are known as Kids ADDED: In addition to the previous answer. Young Males are called "Bucklings" and young Females are called "Doelings". Both Bucklings & Doelings are "Kids".

What animal produces young from eggs hatched within the body?

Some snakes. Animals which produce their young in this way are known as "ovoviviparous".

What animals feed the young?

All animals feed their young.

What group of animals carry their young in pouches?

This is the group of mammals known as marsupials.Incidentally, they do not all carry their young in pouches. The numbat is a marsupial which does not have a pouch.

What are sea animals with pouches called?

Mammals which have a pouch feature where they carry and nourish their young are known as marsupials.

Did angus young have kids?

Yes. Not much is known about them though, he prefers to keep his personal life out of his his musical life.

Do all animals suckle their young?

no,some animals do not suckle their young.

What group of animals is known as a kit?

A kit is not a group of animals of any sort. A 'fox kit' is a young fox, A 'kit fox' is a species of small fox.

What did lebron do to help young kids?

He works with NBA Cares which helps young kids.

Do animals reject their young?

some animals stay with their young and some leave their young after 2 weeks.

What wild animals have young called kids?

The answer to this question is, goats. Male adults are called billy goats, female adults are called nanny's and babies are called kids. Hope this helps.

What is kids?

Kids are young humans or goats

How do we say young goat?

Young goats are referred to as Kids. Additionally, young females under a year are called doelings and young males under a year are called bucklings. Castrated males of all ages are known as wethers.

What animals that have hair and nurse their young?

All animals with hair nurse their young.

Animals that eat their young?

Animals such as fish and birds sometimes eat their young.

What are nannies and billies?

Nannies are female goats and billies are male goats, both are mature. The young offspring is known as kids.

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