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selection of channel :

the selection of distribution is affected by many of factors, which play significant role while choosing the channel for distribution. It may include the buying pattern of consumer, type of the product is perishable, or auto mobile, weight and bulk and it also depends on the company's resources.

the main affecting factors are following..

Organization objectives - If company objective is to have mass appeal and rapid market penetration.

type of product - Perishable products should have a short distribution channel, FMCG goods should have a wide reaching, intensive distribution channel.

nature and extent of market- Distribution to consumer market or industrial markets would be different channel structures.

existing channel for comparable product- company may chose it's existing channel of distribution for relative product.

buying habit of customers- Understanding consumer needs and criteria for buying

Channel Availability - Channels may not be available

thus these factors puts effect on the selection of channel .

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Q: Which are the Factors affecting the selection of distribution channel?
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Which factors influence the selection of distribution channel?

1)distribution policy 2)characteristics of the product 3)the target customer in view 4)supply characteristics 5)type of middlemen in the field 6)channel competition 7)potential volume of the sale 8)costs of distribution 9)profit expected in the long run

What are the factors in selecting distribution channel for a cereal?

Customer Characteristics, Product Attributes, Type of Organization, Competition, Marketing Environmental Forces and Characteristics of Intermediaries are all factors in selecting a distribution channel.

Factors affect of distribution channel?

A distribution channel may be affected by the costs of transport and the costs of remunerating the distributors. A long distribution chain definitely increases the end cost that is passed on to the end user.

What are the factors to be considered in channel distribution?

There are many factors to be considered in channel of distribution. Just a few of them include target market characteristics, nature of the product, cost efficiency, company characteristics, middleman characteristics, and competition characteristics.

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distribution channel control

What factors should be taken into account in choosing the best distribution channel?

need your help to more understand

What are the factors to be consider while selecting an appropriate channel of distribution?

cost nature of the product if its perishable or durable distance

What are the factors that must you consider in selecting distribution channel members?

Reliability of the members Availability of products in the business Cooperation of members

What are key factors that can affect channel capacity?

Channel capacity - It is the rate at which the data can be transmitted over a given path, or channel, under the given conditions. Key factors affecting the channel capacity are- Data rate- speed of data transmission measured in bits per second. Bandwidth – Maximum. Bandwidth, noise, and error rate.

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