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Although there are many brands of vintage toy cars I would say Meccano is a very popular brand amongst collectors. Another popular brand of vintage toy cars is Gearbox.


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John Deere makes some toy wagons. The most popular brand of toy wagon available is radio flyer. It has been this way for many years.

Without a doubt, model cars are the most popular toy models. Tens of thousands of children and adults build models on a frequent basis, and cars and other vehicles are the biggest sellers.

the most popular toy is my pet monster

In sum through the ages, I would mention Barbie dolls and matchbook cars

The Chihuahua is the most popular breed of toy dogs. The second most popular toy dog breed is the teacup yorkie.

The Barbie Doll was the most popular toy in 1997!

most popular toy is maybe legos or beyblade........i don't know...

Ugly Dolls were the most popular toy last year.

If the girls watch is meant for a child, there are many popular cartoon or toy characters that are often featured on such watches. Some of the most popular examples would include Barbie (toy), Bratz (toy and cartoon) as well as Hello Kitty (brand).

Lego is the best toy in the world. The most popular is probably still dolls.

Lego is the most popular toy brand in the world, and therefore will be for sure releasing sets in 2014.

There were very many popular toys in 1965. Some of these include model cars, hand puppets, Barbie's, and a Honda pedal bike.

cuz kids still like to play with them

It is definitely arguable, but LEGO was voted a while ago the most popular toy ever invented.

The most popular toy in 1995 were POGs. POGs were little disks that were collected by both boys and girls.

The yo yo was the most popular toy invented in 1972, along with Amelia Earnheart. She was a coward.

Any of the toys from the Disney Pixar movie Cars, are very popular. This movie has produced several series of toy car releases, and some of the harder to find toys from earlier releases are quite valuable.

bluetooth Barbie was the most popular toy.

In 2001, Toy Story toys were popular as were Barbie dolls, action figures, and computer games. Kids also loved remote control cars and Legos.

This is a very popular brand of toy lately. Some easy places to find the toy would be at Walmart, Target, or any other retailer of this nature. Amazon also carries this brand of toy online.

The original hot wheels cars are very durable toy cars. You son should nto be able to break this toy cars.

The hobby of buying kits and building toy cars became popular in the 1950's. The hobby of collecting miniature automobiles became popular with adults in 1970.

Matchbox a toy brand which is now owned by by Mattel first began producing toys in 1953, however they did not start producing the toy cars in bubble packs we see today until 1980.

Yo, the yo-ho was the greatest toy in B.C jokes.

its either remote control cars or its just called mechanical toy cars

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