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I believe one argument he made was that there are no provisions for cessation in the Constitution. One problem with the argument is that according to the Constitution any powers not given to the federal government are reserved to the states.

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Q: Which argument did Abraham Lincoln use against the secession of the south?
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What are Abraham Lincoln's and Jefferson Davis's argument against or in favor of secession?

Ha-ha I don't know.. listen to the teacher next time!

What problems or conflicts did Abraham Lincoln face?

Abraham Lincoln faced the secession crisis that erupted into the Civil War.

How did President elect Abraham Lincoln view the threat of secession?

President elect Abraham Lincoln viewed secession as being unconstitutional. He was hesitant, however, to use force to forbid states to actually secede. On the other hand, President Buchanan also saw secession as illegal but unlike Lincoln, did not believe the federal government had the constitutional authority to use force against states that did secede.

What does Clara Barton and Abraham Lincoln have in common?

Abraham Lincoln hired Clara Barton in the civil war

Who was the politician who said a house divided against itself cannot stand?

Abraham Lincoln

What was Abraham Lincoln for and against?

He was for the reunion of the country but against slavery.

Who won Senate race against Abraham Lincoln?

Stephen Douglas beat Abraham Lincoln in the Senate race.

What did Abraham Lincoln do that caused North Carolinians to feel betrayed?

Initially the North Carolinian Unionists supported the Union and argued against secession. However, their arguments depended on Lincoln not attacking the Confederate states. After the battle of Fort Sumter, North Carolina Unionists felt Lincoln had betrayed them by the attack.

Was Abraham Lincoln against racism?

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Which president spoke against slavery?

Abraham Lincoln

Which president spoke out against slavery?

Abraham Lincoln

Which president said a house divided against itself cannot stand?

Abraham Lincoln President said a house divided against itself cannot stand.