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What atoms form an ionic bond-?

Any metals in the reference table can form an ionic bond with a Br atom.

What is the ionic bond of S and Br?

Sulphur and bromine generally form covalent bond and not ionic bond.

Does Au Br have an ionic bond?

Possibly not as gold is not very reactive. If they did bond it would be ionic.

What type of bond is expected between K and Br?

An ionic bond is expected between K and Br.

Is HBr a polar bond?

Yes. The electronegativity of H is 2.20 and that of Br is 2.96. When H and Br form a covalent bond, there will is a permanent dipole because the electron density is higher towards the Br atom.

Is Rb Br a covalent bond?

Rubidium and bromine react each other to form an ionic lattice.

Is Br- a covalent or ionic bond?

Br- is an anion formed by bromine by losing an electron. Here bromine is not bonded to any other atom and hence there is no bonding here

Would K and Br form an ionic bond?

Yes. Potassium is a metal and Bromine is a nonmetal, therefore they would make an ionic bond, as there is a complete transfer of electrons between the atoms.

Is K Br a covalent bond?

Potassium bromide (KBr) has an ionic bond.

What kind of bond is kbr?

The cation,K +and the anion,Br -form the ionic compound,KBr==============Potassium bromide

Is a Cu-Br bond in CuBr2 a pure covalent bond?

no its not. its an ionic bond because it is made up of a metal, Cu, and a nonmetal, Br

Is NaBr a covalent of Ionic bond?

ionic, because its made of ions (Na+ and Br-)

Pairs of elements form an ionic bond?

An ionic bond is formed with a metal (cation) and a non-metal (anion). Therefore, you can combine a metal, let's say Potassium and a non metal, let's say Bromine. K+ + Br- --> KBr (Ionic bond)

What type of bond will form between an atom of chlorine and bromine?

A bond between chlorine and bromine, Cl-Br, would be polar covalent.

What is the ionic notation for bromine?

The ionic notation for Bromine is Br-. It gains one electron to form Br-

Is br and br form a covalent bond?

Br2, bromine has a single covalent bond

What is the ionic compound of sodium and bromine?

We know that the alkali metal sodium (Na) will form an ionic bond with the halogen bromine (Br) to create sodium bromide (NaBr). The equation looks like this: Na + Br => NaBr

Which type of bond would N and Br make?

The N-Br bond should be predominantly ionic due to high electronegativity difference

Does the compound HBr contain a coordinate covalent bond?

Br is a halogen, which means that it has 7 valence electrons and needs one more in order to have a complete filled orbital. The H has 1 valence electron and needs 1 more in order to have a filled orbital. While another atom such as sodium bonding with Br would form an ionic bond, this doesn't happen when Br bonds with H due to the fact that the hydrogen atom is a lot smaller and its electron is closer to the nucleus so that it experiences a greater force of attraction to the nucleus. This means a greater amount of force required by the Br in order to "steal" the electron, which is more energy than is required for a covalent bond to form. Therefore, HBr has a coordinate covalent bond instead of an ionic bond.

Is Br-Br a covalent or Ionic bond?

Covalent. Nonmetals form covalent bonds when bonding with one another, whether they are both the same element or different elements.

What type of bond does bromide have?

Bromide means Br- so it forms only ionic bond.

Is MgBr a covalent bond?

MgBr2No, this compound is an ionic compound formed from the cation,Mg 2+and 2 bromine anions,Br -to form the ionic compound magnesium bromide.

Does Co and Br form an ionic compound?

Cobalt nitrate is an ionic compound.

What is the ionic compound for bromine and zinc?

The transition metal zinc (Zn) will form an ionic bond with the halogen bromine (Br) to form the compound zinc bromide (ZnBr2) according to this equation: Zn + 2Br => ZnBr2

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