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are you sure you aren't thinking of the Impala?

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Q: Which automobile manufacture produces the gazelle?
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Which automobile manufacturer produces the gazelle?


What automobile manufacturer produces the gazelle?


What automobile company manufactured the Gazelle?

GAZELLE is a FRENCH designed Helicopter, created by the company SUD AVIATION, which later became Aérospatiale and later still Eurocopter.

Which automobile manufacturer produces gazelle?

The most recent production is of a van by Russian manufacturer GAZ Back in the day Roots Group brand Singer produced two separate Gazelle cars.

Who made the car?

Automobile manufacture.

What is Acme automobile 's motto?

The motto of Acme - automobile - is 'We manufacture, not merely assemble.'.

What input is used to manufacture automobile?


How you can manufacture helicopter from an automobile engine?

You can't do that.

Who made Ferraris?

Ferrari SpA an Italian automobile manufacture.

Is a gazelle a autotroph or heterotroph?

A gazelle is a heterotroph. That means it must eat other things, such as plants, in order to get the chemicals it needs for life. Autotrophs, on the other hand, manufacture all the chemicals they need from the environment, usually by photosynthesis or chemosynthesis.

Does the liver manufacture digestive juices?

it produces bile

What are 2 main industries in great lakes regions?

Agriculture and Automobile manufacture (Detroit)

Who is the biggest automobile company in the US?


What type of business is ford motor company?

Multi National Automobile/Truck manufacture.

What automobile rim manufacture makes EXEL WHEELS that's all it says on the center cap on your rims?

They are made by Exel Wheel Company and not by an auto manufacture.

What is a non living thing that produces wastes?

An automobile is a non-living thing that produces wastes in the form of exhaust.

Another word for produces?

create, make, manufacture, construct

What is the difference between automotive and automobile?

Automotive = Automobile + Auto Components Automobile - all types of commercial/passenger vehicles including 2/3/4 wheelers Auto components are the parts used to manufacture the an automobile .

What is the use of robotics in automobile?

I worked for in Robotics for three years. The robotic arms were used in many industries including automobile manufacture. Ie welding of sub frames and paint spraying.

Which cars are manufactured in Austria?

Austin Martin. There is one automobile manufacture in Austria which is Magna Steyr. Their engineers develop and assemble automobiles for other companies on a contractual basis therefore they are not an automobile marque.

How long does it take to manufacture one automobile?

Two Days, and then the manufacturing cost is only $1000 per vehicle!

What country produces the most wool used in carpet manufacture?

tarnveer is a giant

What is the plural of an gazelle?

The plural form for gazelle is also gazelle

Who makes Costco automobile batteries?

Costco Kirkland batteries are made by Johnson Controls which is a leading battery manufacture in the U.S.

What are the different kinds of Gazelles?

types of gazelles:dorcas gazelle, moutain gazelle, dama gazelle, morrocan gazelle, Saudi Arabian gazelle, pelzeln gazelle....

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What automobile manufacturer produces the gazelle?

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