Which bacteria have a capsule

Updated: 8/11/2023
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strep. pneumoniae


H influenzae

Neisseria mennigitidis

strep. pyogenes

bacillus anthracis


S agalactiae

Staph. epidermidis

E coli



V parahemolyticus


B pertussis

L pneumophilia

Y pestis

F tularensis

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There are fourteen different capsule types for bacteria. Some examples are: Bacillus megaterium, Streptococcus pyogenes, Streptococcus pneumoniae, and Streptococcus agalactiae.

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Q: Which bacteria have a capsule
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What sticky outer layer produced by bacteria?

the answer to that is Capsule

What are the bacteria producing slime layer?


The capsule can be useful in medicine because?

If the capsule of the bacteria is very hard, none of the medicine given will have any affect on the bacteria. Capsules essentially "hide" the bacteria. They protect it from phagocytosis so that the WBC's can't attack it.

What is the slime layer that surround gram negative bacteria and keeps them from taking up purple stain?


What is the purpose of emulsifying the bacteria in the capsule stain?

to stain the outside and the inside of the cell.. so the capsule appears transparent

Why was the mixture of S bacteria and R BACTERIA virulent?

The live R bacteria acquired a capsule and became live, virulent S bacteria.

What is a hard outer covering that can protect the bacteria from drying out?


What does a capsule allow a bacterium to do?

Capsule work as protective shield for bacteria. It helps the bacteria to tolerate harsh environment conidition and also it is helpfull in causing disease to animals as the capsule many time defend bacterial cell against immunity of its host.

Why were the S bacteria not the R bacteria virulent?

The S bacteria are surrounded by a capsule, so it is not engulfed by the host's white blood cells. That means that it is able to proliferate and spread. The R bacteria lack the capsule (like the mutant S bacteria), so the white blood cells are able to detect and eliminate them.

Some oral bacteria produce an extracellular capsule of what benefit is a capsule to these cells?

There are some oral bacteria that produce extracellular capsules. The benefits of these extracellular capsules to these cells is added protection to the cell.

Why was the mixture of heat killed s bacteria and r bacteria virulent?

The live R bacteria acquired a capsule and became live, virulent S bacteria.

What is the difference between r and s bacteria?

r is rough bacteria and s is smooth bacteria. smooth bacteria causes disease and makes a thick outer capsule.