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Many bacterial diseases are contagious. Examples include strep throat and chlamydia.

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Q: Which bacterial disease is contagious person to person?
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Related questions

Is Legionnaires' Disease contagious?

No. It is a bacterial disease that can not be spread from one person to another.

What is an example of highly contagious bacterial disease?

Bacterial meningitis.

What is the contagious disease?

diseases are classified into various subtypes depending upon different parameters like basing upon casuative agent into bacterial, viral disease etc.based upon mode of spread it is classified into contagious and non contagious disease. Contagious disease is one which spreads from one person to another person. This spread may occur through mosquito or coughing etc.

What are plagues?

plagues are a contagious bacterial disease

Is gardnerella contagious?

No, Its a Bacterial disease in a woman's vaginal are

What bacterial agent is contagious person to person?


What bacterial agents is contagious person to person?

Pneumonic Plague

What is another term for infectious disease?

I suppose an infectious disease could be called a bacterial disease

What do you call a disease that can spread from person to person?

Its called a contagious disease. Contagious meaning it can sread from person to person. This can be either a virus, bacteria or a prion.

When a disease can be passed from person to person it is referred to as what disease?

Communicable or Contagious.

What is it called when a disease is passed from person to person?

viral or contagious disease

Is malaria a contagious disease?

Malaria is a serious disease spread by mosquitoes. Malaria is not considered as a contagious disease for a reason that itÕs not spread from person to person through casual contact.

Is sleep apnea a deadly and possibly contagious disease?

Sleep apnea is potentially deadly because you can die if you stop breathing in your sleep. Sleep apnea is not contagious, since it is physiological, not a viral or bacterial disease.

When a disease can be passed from person to person it is referred as?


What is the practice of separating a person with a contagious disease from people who do not have the disease?

You quarantine that person from others.

How will you know if vitiligo is contagious?

A disease that can be communicated from one person to another is a contagious disease and vitiligo does not spread through contact. So it is not a contagious disease.

Is asthmatic bronchitis contagious from person to person?

Being a chronic inflammatory disease, asthmatic bronchitis by itself is not a contagious disease unless the person also has an acute underlying respiratory infection in addition to the bronchitis.

What is the medical term meaning bacterial inflammatory contagious skin disease characterized by vesicles and pustules?


What is it called when a disease can and rsquot be spread from person to person?

The disease is said to be infectious, or contagious.

How does parkinson's disease spread to other humans?

Parkinson's disease does not spread from person to person. It is degenerative brain disease and is not contagious.

What is called a disease which spreads from one person to another?

A disease that spreads from one person to another is called a contagious disease.

Define contagious disease?

I think it means a disease that can be spread easily...A contagious disease is a disease that can be spread through the air easily from one person to another, even from touching.

Is Whipple's Disease contagious to the care giver?

Whipple's Disease is not thought to be contagious but no one is really sure how the bacteriaTropheryma whipplei infects the person. No documentation exists of a person-to-person

What is the difference between genetic disease and contagious disease?

A genetic disease is inherited genetically and contagious disease means that its easily transmitted by contact. For an example, yawning is contagious, once u or any other person yawns that yawn will soon get to someone and then they will yawn.

Is 'dengue fever' a contagious disease?

Dengue fever is not a contagious disease, so can not be transmitted from one person to another person directly. Mosquito is must needed in case of transmitting the dengue fever from one person to another person.

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