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small bouncy balls will bounce higher

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Q: Which ball bounces higher a bouncy ball or a basketball?
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Related questions

What bounces higher golf ball or soccer ball?

a normail bouncy ball, maybe a basketball

What bounces higher a rubberband ball or a bouncy ball?

A golf ball. Seriously it does... Try it

What bounces more a golf ball or a bouncy ball?

Bouncy ball

What ball bounces higher a basketball or rubber ball?


What ball bounces the highest?

a bouncy ball

Which bounces higher a basketball or a soccer ball?

If properly inflated, a basketball.

Which ball bounces higher basketball soccerball or tennis ball?

A tennis ball.

Which one of the balls bounces the longest a tennis ball a soft ball or a bouncy ball?

A bouncy ball.

What is the highest bouncing ball in the world?

a tennis ball will bounce the highest as in sports or a bouncy ball bounces higher than that

What bounces higher a golf ball or basketball?

If you were bouncing them both, a basketball would bounce higher.

Does the weight of a bouncy ball effect how high it bounces?

yes because it needs to bounce higher

Why does the bouncy ball bounce higher the first time it bounces?

The ground absorbs some of the energy.

What bouncy ball bounces the highest?

the type of bouncy ball that bounces the highest our golf balls but that is only on hard surface other wise it would be your standard bouncy ball out of the machines that are 50 cents(:

Why is it when a ball is dropped from a higher point it bounces higher?

a basketball bouces higher because the air

Which bounces higher a tennis ball or basketball?

it depends how hard the ball hits the ground a basketball would deffinetly bounce higher than a tennis ball

Can you describe a bouncy ball?

It's a rubbery ball that bounces up when thrown, with force, down on a hard, supportable surface. Much like a basketball.

What basketball ball bounces higher a boys or a girls?

It depends how much air is in it.

What is the difference of a bouncy ball and a jet ball?

A bouncy ball is a small ball that is made soley of rubber and bounces. There are only 7 Bouncy Ball Breeds Reconized by the BBA (Bouncy Ball Association) Jet Ball is a video game.

Which ball bounces the highest out of a golf ball and basketball?

A golf ball would bounce higher than a basket ball.

What will bounce higher a ping pong ball or a bouncy ball?

bouncy ball

Does a frozen bouncy ball bounce higher or lower then an unfrozen bouncy ball?

a frozen bouncy ball will not bounce higher or lower than an unfrozen one it will shatter

What happens when light hits different objects?

it bounces!! like a bouncy ball!

Which brand of basketball bounces higher nike or Wilson?

I think Wilson is for sure, it bounces alot higher when it is welly pumped. I think you should get a Wilson ball for sure.

How does the drop-height affect the number of times the bouncy ball bounces?

The higher the boiuncy ball is the more times if u do it with a small bouncy ball but if you do it with a big bouncy ball it will stay the same ever time u go up in height. The smaller the bouncy ball the more times it will bounce at a higher drop-height but if you try it with a big bounce ball it will still the same number of times each time you go up in inches

Does the size of a bouncy ball affect the height it bounces?

A little, to the extent that a smaller (lighter) ball is fighting the pull of gravity less as it bounces upward, so it may get a little higher. But the height the ball bounces is much more dependent upon the resiliency - the "springiness" - of the rubber or rubber compound the ball is made from.