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Which ball should you use to catch Mewtwo with?

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2011-09-13 12:19:53

It doesn't really matter what Pokeball you use. The only thing

that matters is how long it takes to capture it. I caught Mewtwo

with A POKEBALL, I caught my friends Mewtwo with a Timer Ball, I

used my Master Ball on Lugia, and I had no problem cathing the

other Legendaries. It's just a matter of timing, patience, and HOW

GOOD YOUR POKEMON ARE. That's all the advice I could give. GOOD


My opinion is Get Mewtwo to red health and use

Hypnosis or Thunder-wave. with Mewtwo asleep it would make

four times easier then Mewtwo normal. Making it paralyzed will

make it twice as easy.

when you've got MewTwo to Paralyzed/Asleep i suggest you yousing

the following.

Ultra ball

Timer ball

Dusk ball (at night)

if you are lucky just throw a quick ball at the start for luck

because i caught Giratina Lvl 70 in diamond with a quick ball!

Master ball....................Hope this helped *-*

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