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It doesn't really matter what Pokeball you use. The only thing that matters is how long it takes to capture it. I caught Mewtwo with A POKEBALL, I caught my friends Mewtwo with a Timer Ball, I used my Master Ball on Lugia, and I had no problem cathing the other Legendaries. It's just a matter of timing, patience, and HOW GOOD YOUR POKEMON ARE. That's all the advice I could give. GOOD LUCK

My opinion is Get Mewtwo to red health and use

Hypnosis or Thunder-wave. with Mewtwo asleep it would make

four times easier then Mewtwo normal. Making it paralyzed will make it twice as easy.

when you've got MewTwo to Paralyzed/Asleep i suggest you yousing the following.

Ultra ball

Timer ball

Dusk ball (at night)

if you are lucky just throw a quick ball at the start for luck because i caught Giratina Lvl 70 in diamond with a quick ball!

Master ball....................Hope this helped *-*

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Q: Which ball should you use to catch Mewtwo with?
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Which ball should you use to catch Mewtwo with when it is paralyzed?


Which ball should you use to catch Mewtwo with Pokemon LeafGreen?

Master Ball

What pokeball do you catch Mewtwo with?

I prefer to use my Master Ball for Mewtwo, but at least use an Ultra Ball.

What poke ball you use for catch Mewtwo?


What do you need to do to catch Mewtwo in FireRed?

You can probaly catch him with a ultra ball but I would use the master ball

What kind of ball can you use to catch Lugia and Mewtwo in HeartGold not including the Master ball I've heard both are level 70 so how should I catch them?

if you dont wanna waste your master ball, then the strongest ball will be the Ultra Ball...

In Pokemon fire red should you use your master ball on Suicune or Mewtwo?

Use you masterball on suicune because its impossible to catch it without a masterball it would just flee i cuaght mewtwo with a great ball but make sure you have lots of them.

What pokeball do you use to catch Mewtwo?

a master ball preferably but any ball will work with a bit of luck

How do you catch Mewtwo in Pokemon Ruby?

ANSWER 1:Mewtwo appears only in Fire Red and Leaf Green. You can catch him in either of those games and then trade him to Pokemon Ruby.sorry mate its impossible only way is to trade like this guy said (: (: (: (: (: (: (:ANSWER 2:I regret to tell you that you cannot catch Mewtwo in Ruby. You can only catch Mewtwo in FireRed or LeafGreen. (You can use cheats to get it but it wouldn't be as fun).Mewtwo is at Level 70 in LeafGreen and FireRed so use an Ultra Ball/Timer Ball/Master Ball.If you need/want a Mewtwo you can trade Mewtwo into your Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Game.

Is it hard to catch Mewtwo on soul silver?

you know lengendaries are hard to catch,but some are normally hard.just use dusk ball or ultra ball

Should you use a master ball on Mewtwo in leafgreen?

Mewtwo can only be caught with a masterball i think

Which Pokemon in FireRed do you use the Master Ball on if you already caught Mewtwo in a Timer Ball?

You could use it to catch one of the legendary cats.

What is the catch ratio of Mewtwo?

3 or 0.4% throwing a poke ball at full health it's better to use a master ball.

When should you use the master ball in Pokemon Yellow?

Mewtwo I guess????

What should you use the master ball on in fire red?

It is your decision, but to I will use it on mewtwo or entei

How must you get to Mewtwo so you can catch Mewtwo?

You have 2 beat the game, then go 2 the cave in cerileon city, deep in the cave you will find the ultimate Pokemon known as Mewtwo! TIP: use a master ball or its almost impossible 2 catch it!

What Pokemon should you use to catch Mewtwo?

I would suggest a strong DARK type pokemon, because then Mewtwo wont be able to use its Psychic attacks.

What do you do after you get to cerulean cave in Pokemon FireRed?

once you get into the cave go through it and catch mewtwo i recomend saving in front of him i tried to catch him with a ultra ball like 10 times and couldent catch him but, i had to use a master ball.

What is the code to catch Mewtwo on Pokemon diamond?

you have to go to code breaker code and use the code to catch a mewtwo.

Which Pokemon should you use master ball on in leaf green?

Save your MasterBall for the Ledgendary dog (Suicune, Entei or Raikou). Don't use it on Mewtwo because it is really easy to catch him with just ultra balls. Just make sure you save before you fight Mewtwo :)

Who should you use your master ball on Pokemon gale of darkness?

you should use it on lugia. he is the hardest one to catch. you cant catch him with any other pokeball. you can only catch him with a master ball.

What level do you catch Mewtwo at?

Mewtwo is at Level 70 when you battle him. You should most likely use you highest level Pokemon that is around level 70.

Should i use the master ball on Articuno in leafgreen?

NO WAY! sorry for those of you that it is too late for, but you should save your master ball for Mew or Mewtwo!

How do you catch Mewtwo diamond?

You can't catch mewtwo in Pokemon diamond. It's better if you use Action replay code.

What poke ball should you use to catch dioxis?

The best ball to catch Deoxys is a Master Ball or a Timer Ball! Trust Me!!! Pokemon Master