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A carlos Delgado rookie card or his catcher card

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How much are the Toronto blue jays baseball cards worth?

35 $

When was Rogers Sportsnet Blue Jays Baseball created?

Rogers Sportsnet Blue Jays Baseball was created in 1999.

Donruss 1992 Blue Jays Championship Season commemorative baseball card set value?

The 1993 Donruss 1992 Blue Jays Commemorative setThe 1993 Donruss 1992 Blue Jays Commemorative entire set consists of 54 cards and has a book value of $5.00

What is a signed by team baseball worth from the Blue Jays first game?

it costs 1p and 37 cows

Where can one purchase a Blue Jays baseball jacket?

Blue Jays baseball jackets can be bought at many sporting retailers, online and offline. Online, Fanatics has a large selection of Blue Jays baseball jackets for sale.

Baseball teams with blue in name?

Toronto Blue Jays

What sport do the blue jays play?


What is a complete set of 1991 Toronto Blue Jays score cards worth?

I saw the set on eBay for about $20.00, but I'm not sure if that is the actually "book value".

What is a Blue jays daily routine?

play baseball play baseball

How much are the Toronto Blue Jays worth?

According to an article on, the Toronto Blue Jays value is $344 million as of April, 2007.

Are Blue Jays producers or consumer?

well it depends if your talking about the Tornonto Blue Jays (the baseball team) or the bird blue jay but both are consumers

What is drake's favorite baseball team?

blue jays

What is Nigaragua's baseball team?

Toronto blue jays

Can the blue jays baseball team make it to the playoffs?


Canada's baseball teams names?

Toronto blue jays

What is Canadian baseball team name?

Toronto Blue Jays

Who is the youngest Major League Baseball team?

the blue jays

When did the Toronto Blue Jays become a baseball team?


Do the Toronto blue jays play baseball in a dome?


What professional baseball teams are in Canada?

Toronto Blue Jays

What is the mascot for the Toronto blue jays baseball team?


What are the values of the mcdonalds Toronto blue jays great moments 1985-1992 baseball cards?

value of 1989 card #6 & 1992 card #22

How many games have the blue jays won since the beginning of baseball?

Since the Toronto Blue Jays entered the league in 1977. Their record is 2,589-2,632.

How many Major League Baseball teams were from Canada?

There once were two, the Toronto Blue Jays and the Montreal Expos, now there is just one, the Blue Jays.

What is the value of 1962 team authographed world series blue jays baseball all team members?

The Toronto Blue Jays were not established until 1977.