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M.Sc IT will be preferable after BCA..........

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2010-03-20 03:56:02
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rasika sonavane

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2020-12-03 05:35:21
instead I will suggest to go for any IT certification and start your career, rather than higher education experience matter a lot
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sachin sharma

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2021-06-22 10:47:08

Of course MCA, one can go for MBA in IT as well.

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Q: Which be the better course after bca rather than mca or MBA?
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Is BBA better than MBA?

Can never be. BBA is a Bachelor's course and MBA is a Master's Course. So MBA is better than BBA.

IS MSW degree better or MBA?

is having a MSW better Than a MBA

Is it better to do an MBA after engineering or after BMS course?

after BMS

Which one is better MBA or ICMA after B.Com?

MBA is much much better than ICMA for a B.Com student. Go for MBA.

What is better after Bca in MBA or Mca?

after BCA better is MCA than that of MBA.Because from BCA u r able to get base in almost all computer mca course is very easy.but it is not possible for MBA

Which is a better degree course MBA in information systems or MBA in information technology?

Which is a better degree Courses MBA in information systems or MBA in information Technology,as i am Currently working as Technical Engineer in ISP so according to you for Which Course should i go i.e MBA in information Systems or MBA in information Technology. So,Please Help me out

Is MBA a better course?

The opportunity of an MBA is huge in the current job market. MBA graduates are in high demand in every industry.Most of the MBA institutes provide campus placement to their students on completion of the full-time MBA course for the next step of their career.All organizations, big or small, private or government, hire MBA degree holders in several capacities.

Is IAS better or MBA better?

I.A.S is better than M.B.A

Is an MBE better than an MBA?

i think MBE is better

Is MBA is better than engineering?

MBA, Master of Business administration is better than any professional degrees like Engineering because MBA is practical study it make to study your life.

What is Digital Marketing How is it useful to an MBA graduates?

MBA in marketing course trains the individual in conventional marketing methods and techniques. Moreover, the training is majorly theoretical rather than practical. A Digital Marketing course trains the individual in implementing their theoretical knowledge to achieve the desired output thus making them industry-ready.

I have done my MBA in HR domain Do I find any other jobs rather than going into recruitment?

If you have done your MBA in the HR domain, you can find other jobs rather than just going into recruitment including lecture work.

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