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sweet pea is best in my personal opinion

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โˆ™ 2008-12-16 10:12:12
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Q: Which bean plant is suitable for containers?
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Is bean sprout bean?

No, it is the plant that grows the bean. It is a plant, no a seed.

How do you plant a bean?

To plant a bean you first have to take a bath in the woods then you have a bean.

Is a bean a seedless plant?

No bean is not seedless plant

What part of a plant is a bean?

The bean is the seed of the plant.

Is soya bean oil available in 25Ltr containers?

ÊYes, soy bean oil is available in 25lt tin containers from the HB Group, It is also available for purchaseÊin many other quantities and containers.

Is bean plant a dicot?

Yes, bean plant is a dicot

Is a bean plant a decomposer?

yes a bean plant is a decomposer

Is a bean plant tropical?

What type of bean plant are we talking about? John

Are beans seeds?

yes and no the bean plant is called a bean, so its a plant and not a seed the bean plant seed is also called a bean - so in this context the answer is yes it is a seed

What is the reproductive organ of a bean plant?

There are two reproductive organs of a bean plant. These two reproductive organs of a bean plant are the ovary and stamen.

Is a bean a seedless plant seed plant or both?

A bean would be considered as a seed plant

Is a bean plant flowering?

A bean plant will flower before producing beans which are the seeds of the plant.

What grows faster a bean plant or a squash plant?

A squash plant grows faster than bean plant

What plant to kidney beans come from?

The kidney bean plant. If you actually take a kidney bean from a goya bean package and put it in dirt and water, it will actually grow. The kidney bean plant is a fast growing bean plant that does not require support like a bean pole like peas.

What is the average growth of a bean plant in one day?

What type of bean plant?

Is a broad bean a climbing plant?

Yes, broad bean is a climbing plant

Is a bean a seedless or a seed plant?

is a bean a seedless or seeded plant

What part of the plant does the bean come from?

The bean grows from the center of the flower that the plant produces.

What type of root does a bean plant have?

A bean plant has a tap root.

Where did the pinto bean come from?

A pinto bean plant!!!

What is the life span of a bean plant?

The life span of a bean plant is 5 years that is the life span of the bean plant By:Giggly puff McMoo! my number is 764-3987 im a plant scientist.

Can a bean plant grow if you add sugar?

No. The sugar would probably kill the bean plant.

How long does a bean on a bean plant take to grow?

They can form and grow in about a week on a well watered, mature bean plant in full sun.

Which Plant Grows Faster?

A bean plant.

Is bean plant a flowering plant?

yes,it is