Which bike is quicker kawasaki zx 14 or suzuki hayabusa?

Updated: 11/14/2022
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ninja it has more horsepower to kick it off the block

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suzuki hayabusa

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Q: Which bike is quicker kawasaki zx 14 or suzuki hayabusa?
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Which bike is go fast and that company?

Suzuki Hayabusa

How many people can sit in a Suzuki Hayabusa bike?


What is the best world superbike?

Several bikes are highly rated although the Suzuki Hayabusa is currently one of the fastest. Other bike manufacturers and producers include Ducati and Kawasaki.

What is the worlds fastest street legal motor bike?

suzuki hayabusa

What is the fastest bird in Japan?

hayabusa ( name of Suzuki road bike)

Which bike is used in movie blue?

Ducati 749 ,suzuki hayabusa

What was remarkable about the Hayabusa engine?

The Hayabusa engine is part of the Suzuki Hayabusa sport bike motorcycle. It is the world's fastest production motorcycle and can get up to speeds of 188 to 194 mph.

Which dirt bike brand is fastest?

Suzuki and Kawasaki are top on the list.

What is the fastest motor bike ever built?

Suzuki Hayabusa GSX1300R is the world's fastest production motorcycle.

What dirt bike brands come from japan?

Japanese bike brands are- Kawasaki, Honda, Suzuki and Yamaha.

What kind of oil hayabusa?

A Suzuki Hayabusa is the fastest available legal street bike and uses very thick oil. The factory recommendation for a safe running engine is 10w-40.

How big of an engine can you put into a x19 super pocket bike?

1300cc Suzuki Hayabusa engine. That'll get ya movin!