Which biome has the most rainfall?


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To my calculations,the biome that receives the most rainfall is an tropical rainforest.

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The rain forest has the most rainfall

Deserts receive the most irregular rainfall.

The tropical rainforest gets the most rainfall; over 200 cm of rain annually.

The tundra is similar to the desert with regard to rainfall.

The desert is a very good example of a biome with little rainfall.

The two biome's that gets the most rainfall is the tropical rain forest and the temperate deciduous forest.

the average rainfall of the marine biome is about 60-250 a year

A biome is a biome. A biome is an area that has similar climatic conditions like rainfall, humidity or temperature.

The average rainfall of the Tropical Dry Forest Biome is 90 in. per year.

The biome that gets the least amount of rainfall is the desert biome. Some parts of the desert get virtually no rain over the course of a year.

A tropical rainforest receives the most rain.

A graph that shows the amount of rainfall in the Tundra.

yes the desert biome is in danger because of the lack of rainfall

what is the yearly rainfall in the coral reef or ocean

The average annual rainfall in a tropical grassland biome is between 20 to 50 inches. The savanna areas found in central Africa and Australia are examples of a tropical grassland biome.

The climate rainforest biome is humid with an average rainfall of about 725mm in summer.

the average rainfall is 25-60 inches per year...

The temperate forest biome is typically warmer and has more rainfall than the boreal forest biome yes it is true. The tropical dry forest is characterized by a wet and a dry season.

The tropical rainforest has warm temperatures and high rainfall.

The hot desert has high temperatures and low rainfall.

it has hot temperatures and little rainfall

The biome that has the most variable year round temperature is the grasslands. They tend to be between a forest and a desert, so rainfall and temperatures vary greatly, especially based on area.

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