Which bird has the biggest feet?

Of all the birds that that fall into the sub species (lottanonsencia poppycockolai) The Twatt Bird have greatly increased feet width, in order to produce warm air for the rest of the herd.

To do this they simply lie on their backs and wave their feet in a clockwise direction, with many thousands of birds engaged in the same activity, the clockwise rotation creates an vortex updraft helping the fledgings to learn to fly, this action also keeps the predators at a safe distance, as most detest the clockwise maelstrom.

The Twatt Bird to give it it's common name, is unique among it's species, due to it's bearing of live young, which is done entirely underwater, the new born, amusingly called, Twatt Spratt live off crustations and vegtables for the first year of their lives, before comming to the surface. to breed.

Unfortunately, due to it's bright plumage, the Greater Crested Twatt, (close relative of the common Twatt) is close to extinction. Let us hope, that mankind can see the senseless slaughter of the Biggest Twatt of all, is indeed an indication for his relentless urge to seek self gratification with the greater part of the indicative substitute, and cease with the abhorent lunacy that, is sadly all too common within the present sub-culture of idiosyncrotic self-concious ranting of a self deluded invertibrate species.