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Birds do not help in pollination. Actually humingbirds do help they take the nectar (with some pollen) and go to drink from another flower therefore depositing the pollen on the other flower

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What is cross polllination?

When pollen travels to a different plant

How do Birds help people?

how the birds help people a do the question not the answerok

Hollow bones help birds to?

Hollow bones help birds to?

How birds are helpful?

how do birds help people

How can birds help a burned forest?

Birds help reforestation by their propagation of new seeds.

Can birds be trained to help people?

yes birds can help people if they cant reach something :)

What are the bones birds have?

Birds have hollow bones to help them fly.

How birds' feet help them move through water?

how birds' feet help them move through water

How do insects and birds help with pollination?

Insects and birds help with pollination by visiting different plants and dispersing the pollen.

How do birds help tortises?

birds help totises by defending it from iguanas which try to take its shell off and make it naked. The birds help to eat the iguana's and protect the tortise in return for bird money.

Do birds help people?

Most birds are helpful, but some are pests.

How do humming birds pollinate flowers?

how do birds help flowers pollinate

How do the birds wing help them?

Without wings, birds couldn't fly.

What is up with birds?

well birds are birds. they are also not human beings so whatever they did they cant help it.

Do legs of birds help them to not get elctric shock?

No . It isn't the legs that help birds but it's because they are not connected to the other wire.

Why are birds of prey important to ecology?

From the lab of birdzoom:It is important to help birds of prey and help maintain a green environment. Also dont hurt or kill these beautifil birds!!

How do birds helpful to people?

birds help people when people eat there meat .

What is a birds thumb?

Birds don't have thumbs they have claws which help them in eating and walking.

Why do birds eat gravel?

Birds eat gravel to help them digest their food.

Why honeyeater birds are important to plants?

Because these birds also help in pollination

Which animals help the environment?


Do birds help disabled people?


Does a birds fat help it to fly?


What are birds lungs called?

Birds lungs are called lungs but birds also possess air sacs for help in respiration .

How do birds perch?

Wjhat is the locking mechanism that birds use to help them perch when they are asleep?

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