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The Reproductive System.

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Q: Which body system's main function is to produce new life?
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Biology is a study of?

Physiology is the science of the functioning of living systems

Which system is matched most accurately to the life function it provides?

Integumentary System-Movement

The term 'essential' in nutrition means?

Essential nutrients are nutrients that your body cannot produce on its own or in high enough concentrations to sustain life. This means that these nutrients must be obtained through diet and are necessary for proper body function.

What is the main function of the body?

The body is a very important in our life, it gives information in every part of our body, the main function of the body is our heart and brain. because it supply blood in our muscles and body.

Where Body sliders in second life?

The body sliders can be accessed using the edit shape function

What is a life chemical the body can't produce?

For example vitamin C.

How does a cell relate to its function in its body?

It is the basic building block of life

What is the function of the vastus lateralis muscle?

life and body

How do body systems work together to carry out life functions?

does not make sense !

What is the full function of the nervous system?

Vertebrates have two nervous systems. The first is the central, which allows communication from the brain to the rest of the body. The peripheral nervous system sends signals from the rest of the body to the brain. Ultimately, this is required for any function of life in vertebrates, because without it, movement would be impossible.

Is poop a real life miracle?

No, poop is a body function in which food is transformed. This is NOT a real life miracle.

What happens if part of an organ system fails?

When one body system is malfunctioned, the other body system compensates for the failure to regain balance. For example, if the heart is not pumping enough blood, the other systems will kick in to compensate. Bodies are composed of complex systems made up of cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems. In order for life to function accurately, these systems must work together. Organs often carry out roles in multiple systems, due to their exclusive functions.