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Bodyweight? I can think of only the press up. There will be many variations, but the only chest exercise using your own bodyweight is the press/push up. A press up uses exactly the same muscles you would use benching, and so is the perfect exercise to use if you can't bench for a while or want to work your chest at home etc.

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How do you increase your chest length?

You can help to increase your chest size by doing certain exercises. Exercises that focus on the chest are bench press and pushups.

How much should you bench press if you weight 230 pounds?

you should always be able to bench your bodyweight

What is the average bench press for a guy who weights 160 pounds?

you should be able to bench press you bodyweight...which in this case means 160 pounds...

What are the best breast exercises to build muscle?

Some chest exercises to build muscle are: Barbell bench press, dumbbell bench press, explosive push ups, inclined bench press, decline bench press, push ups, incline dumbbell flyes.

Can you bench press your own weight?

Yes, with a little bit of determination and workouts you can bench double your weight, though that takes some time. Get into the gym. Remember, Sleep BIG, Eat BIG, LIFT BIG. Whoever answered above is absolutely right. Almost everyone has the potential to bench their bodyweight and i would reasonably guess that almost every motivated, disciplined male can bench press twice his bodyweight eventually. There are even some prime lifters who can bench press almost 3 TIMES their own bodyweight!

What is an impressive bench press?

For most people a 300 lb. bench press is impressive. Personally, I would say that any bench press that is 1.5 times your bodyweight and higher is impressive. For some, that may be 200 pounds. For others, that may be 400... I would say that for a woman, 150 pounds and up is ALOT, not many women can do that...of course, there are some men who can bench press 2.5 times their bodyweight!

What percentage of men can bench press 200 percent of their own bodyweight?

very small percentage.

What are some good exercises for triceps?

Some good exercises for triceps include band skull crusher, bench press, bench dips, bench press with chain, board press, body up, body tricep press, cable incline triceps extention.

Why should you never do an exercise such as bench press without a spotter?

It is fine to do exercises such as bench press without a spotter if you know what you are doing. I bench press without a spotter and I do fine. It is safer to have a spotter but not necessary.

What are some suggestions of the best chest workout?

Here are some recommended chest exercises from a bodybuilding site, Flat Bench Press, Incline Bench Press, Decline Bench Press, Flat Bench Flye, Incline Bench Flye, Cable Flye and Pushups.

What are some chest exercises?

The 2 best chest exercises in my most humble opinion are the bench press and weighted dips. These are compound exercises. As for isolation exercises, one may also want to try doing flyes with dumbbells and a pec deck machine. The bench press, which is one of the Big Five Barbell lifts has variations such as the incline and decline bench press which hit the chest muscles at different angles.

List two exercises to develop the chest?

Bench press Push-ups

What muscle does bench press exercise?

The bench press primarily exercises the pectoralis major, but also the anterior deltoids, serratus anterior, coracobrachialis, scapulae fixers, trapezii, and the triceps.

why Match the exercise with the muscle or muscle group it exercises?

Bench Press - Pectorals Leg Raises - Abdominals Pushdowns - Triceps Machine Back Press - Shoulders

What 2 exercises are to some degree superior to other types of full body exercises?

this is more than two but the best exercises for building strength and size are bench press squats dead lift and military press

How Much weight should the average adult man bench press?

At least your body weight from 8-12 reps. Granted, this is not what the average adult male actually DOES bench press. Of course, bench pressing isn't much in the grand scheme of things. Try focusing on squatting, 'cause it works more muscles and makes you stronger and more ready for life. I can currently bench 1.1x my bodyweight for 12-14 reps, and 2x my bodyweight for 2 extremely painful reps. Squatting is another story. 1.5x my bodyweight from 12-15 reps, and 3x my bodyweight for 1-3 reps. I weigh 180 pounds, with about 8-12 % body fat if you're wanting a reference to yourself.

Average bench press for 145 pounds male?

Max press should be about 150% of your bodyweight. if you can do more you are in very good shape. so 145 x 1.5 = 217.5 lbs max press 1 rep

How does a 14 year old boy get big pecs Relatively fast?

a 14 year old boy shouldn't workout too much as his muscles are still forming and growing. Exercises that will help to enlarge the pecks are barbell bench press, incline barbell bench press, decline barbell bench press, and decline dumbbell bench press.

If I am 17 at 5ft 9in and weigh 150lbs is bench pressing 245lbs considered good?

I good rule of thumb is that if a male can bench press 1 1/2 times his bodyweight, then he's pretty strong. If you are touching your chest with the bar on the way down and if your butt stays on the bench the entire time, then yes anything over 225lb with a bodyweight of 150lb IS strong!

What is a raw bench press?

A bench press without the use of a bench press shirt.

How do you increase your bench press?

In order to increase bench press you must not do it more than every 2-3 days because your muscles need time to rest you can add weight to your bench press every 2 weeks with 5-10 pounds I usually bench press every 4 days and the that after my bench I like to work my triceps because triceps have a big impact on bench press also have you tried other workouts on your bench day like dumbbell press, dumbbells fly or incline and decline bench press you could also gain more muscle which could help you with the weight eat high protein foods such as chicken and lean steak also get lots of rest

What does Bryan froimowitz do for fun?

Bryan loves to workout. His favorite exercises include the bench press and the neck press. He is currently a junior body builder.

What was Evander Holyfield's top bench press?

375 pounds for 12 reps with his heart rate elevated pretty high. This was in 1990 at a bodyweight of 200 pounds (91kg)

What three exercises can you do to build muscle strength?

I would recommend not 3 exercises but 5. These are called the big Five. They are: Squats, Deadlift, Bench Press, Press, and Rowing. The protocol you use to do these exercises is up to you (but I recommend deadlifting at the most only once a week).

What should a 16 year old 175 pound average bench press be?

I am 15 years of age 140 pounds I am able to bench press 215 pounds if you could bench press your bodyweight than you are good but a great number would be your bodyweight multiplyed by 1.5 I only weighlift once a week and make sure not to overtrain as it can cause injury also you must eat a healthy diet if you want to see results or else you are not going to see progress also do not lift up weights to the point in which you start to get over developed.