Skeletal System

Which bones does not belong with the others?


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The Hyoid bone is the bones that does not belong with the others.

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The bones belong to the skeletal system.

Pluto doesn't belong to the others it is a dwarf planet.

The bones make up the musculoskeletal system.

the skeletal system is one of the main systems of the body,which help us to maintain our posture and stand straight.skeletan means bones,and so bones belong to the skeleton system.

No, some have bones, others have cartilage, while others have neither one.

I think bones but I'm doing this worksheet now...

The femur, patella, tibia and fibula are all bones of the lower limb.

pisiform, triquetral & lunate

They have hallow bones. They're bones are empty. Our bones are filled.

No, grasshoppers belong to the phyla arthropoda, which has no backbone.

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Sharks belong to the vertebrate group of mammals. Sharks do not have bones, however. Their skeleton is made up of cartilage.

A snail does not have any bones as it is an invertabrate as it lacks a backbone. Snails belong to the family group known as Phylum Mollusca.

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Flatworms don't belong to cnidarians .They belong to Platyhelminthis . All others are cnidarians .

The skeletal system consists of bones and cartilage. Bones and cartilage are formed of skeletal tissue which has dense and mineralized matrix.

The Komodo dragon has 90 bones in its body. Most of them are separate rib bones. Others include leg, spine, skull, and jaw bones.

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