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There is no single book that is best for programming. There are many programming languages and each will have one or more recommended books associated with it. For instance, C++ programmers will typically own "The C++ Programming Language" and "Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++", amongst many others. Programmers will also own text books related to more specific type of programming, such as multimedia/games programming, financial programming, scientific programming, and so on. In short, you cannot rely on just one book to teach you everything you need to know.

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Nowadays, rather than reading a book, a good option is to take online courses. For example, Udacity offers free course materials, in several computer topics. (Note: The full course is paid, but you can access the course materials for free.)

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go for Java complete reference for beginners and intermediate learning.

for advanced learning go for the Java black book.

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Core Java of course!

See related links for a website with all kinds of java programming books.

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Q: Which book is best for software programming?
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