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aoa! you should use Mcat for the preparation of entry test in army medical college in Pakistan.

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Q: Which book to prepare for army medical college in Pakistan?
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What are the medical tests to join pakistan army?

i have the fracture on my left arm but i fully recover and i am ready for pakistan army test than can i join the pakistan army

When are entry test in Army Medical College going to be held?

When will the entry test for army medical college 2010 be held??

Can you have Model Papers for entry test in army medical college?

i gat the admission in army medical college in season 2012

Which is the ranking of army burn hall college for boys in Pakistan?


Is there any Army Medical College of Hyderabad?


When are entry test in army medical college going to be held in 2011?

There is no Army medical college that exists. You go to a civilian medical university and later join the military as a physician upon graduation.

When Entry test of Army medical college Rawalpindi?


What is the merit of army medical college 2011?

70 %

What are medical tests to join Pakistan army?

After clearing basic fitness, educational and intelligence tests, you will have to clear many medical tests in order to qualify to join Pakistan Army. TB, AIDS, Hepatitis B, C etc are a few tests you will have to clear.

You want to know the result of entery test for medical group at army medical college rawalpindi?

yes i want to know ARMY MEDICAL COLLEGE TEST Result for girls.. plzzz tell me on thanksssssssssssssssssssssss

When was Penang Medical College created?

Medical Colleges of Northern Philippines was created on 1994-02-23.

What is starting salary of a lieutenant in pakistan army?

The starting salary of a lieutenant in the Pakistan army is 40,000 Pakistan rupees. An army chief in the Pakistan army makes 450000 Pakistan rupees.