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Which brothers of Michael Jackson sing in the group Jackson 5?


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All 4 of them


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The three oldest brothers (Jackie, Tito and Jermaine) had their own group called The Jackson Brothers, then Michael and Marlon joined and they became the Jackson 5.

Yes he sang from very little. He was with a group with his older brothers called 'The Jackson 5'

there is no song that the Jackson brothers record without Michael . because Michael Jackson is the only one who can sing perfectly and he's the leader in the group

Michael Jackson began singing as a small child ( 6 or 7 years old) with his brothers who had the group Jackson 5. His sisters also sing, so the whole family does sing.

what did michael jackson do while he was young? Well he watched his brothers sing and his brother s saw that he was talented he became a lead singer in their group

Most people beleive that Michael did it alone, but he actually sang it with his brothers.

I think he started sing when his brothers started the Jackson 5

Michael Jackson first sung with his brothers and sisters at the age of 5 but then sung by himself

Michael Jackson did not learn how to sing, it was a gift.

Joe Jackson abused Michael Jackson only when him and his brothers didn't either do dance steps right or sing the correct notes.

When Michael Jackson was a child, he and his brothers started singing. They had a group that was called "The Jackson 5." Out of him and his brothers, he was the best singer even though he was the youngest. After that he decided he wanted to sing. He had a solo in the year 1971. Then, he was famous. through the whole United States.

Yes he did, with his brothers and whaen he was older he sang with other people

Michael Jackson started singing because when his father saw that he could sing in the school talent show, he decided to add Michael to the group.

Michael Jackson can sing so well because he is talented. Since he had talent, he can sing

Michael Jackson used to sing with his family band "The Jackson Five". He also has many solo albums.

Their reaction? It was expected that he would join his older brothers and sing with them.

No one can sing exactly like Michael Jackson. He was, in my opinion, the best singer there will ever be! Some Michael Jackson impersonators can sing close to his voice but none can sing the same as he did! Rest In Peace Michael Jackson we love you!

Gotta be there and Ben are a couple of his hits and really anything the Jackson five group did! for i,e ABC

Michael Jackson has tenor, Janet has soprano.

Michael Jackson learned how to sing and dance

Yes, in the past all of them sang, but now only Janet sings.

WHen his brothers and him started the band "The Jackson 5" im pretty sure cause if he didnt want to sing he probably didnt.

In my opinion his father was very greedy and when he heard Michael sing he knew that Michael was good and he will make a lot of money off of him so, he forced Michael to sing the lead to the Jackson 5.

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