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the type of able that is used is called an Ethernet cable and it usually has eight wires

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Q: Which cable types is used by a catv broadband connection?
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What cable type is used by a CATV broadband connection?

RG-59 is the most common coaxial cable used for broadband CATV connection.

What type of broadband connection is referred to as CATV?

fiber-optic cabling it is. usually coax 'f' connector

Which type of broadband technology is referred to as catv?

This term is a bit ambiguous: CatV stands for Category 5, or Cat5 a type of cable that can carry 155 Mbit/s (1000BASE-TX), it could also mean Cable Television.

What type of broadband technology is referred as catv?

CATV usually refers to Community Antenna Television (Cable) Although it can also be an version of Cat5 (V = Roman numeral for 5) which is a category of ethernet network cable.

Which cable type is used by a catv connection?

Coaxial cableCoaxial cable carries Community Antenna Television or CATV signals to the majority of television receivers oftnly.

What connection type occurs over a shared line?

Cable TV connections (CATV)

Which type of broadband technology is refered to as catv?

dese nuts

When was cable television (CATV) invented?


How can you connect a CATV cable into a computer monitor?

You can connect a CATV cable into a computer monitor by first attaching it to an external TV tuner. A VGA or HDMI output can then be attached to the monitor.

What is external cable modem?

A cable modem is a type of modem that provides bi-directional data communication via radio frequency channels on a cable television (CATV) infrastructure. Cable modems are primarily used to deliver broadband Internet access in the form of cable Internet, taking advantage of the high bandwidth of a cable television network

Which connection type occurs over a shared line?


True or False Broadband cable is a symmetrical technology?

False. You probably have figured it out already, but video signal (dubbed CATV or Cable TV) was previously the only thing traveling through the cable coax you use today to transport IP data and video data. As a result, the downlink is going to be much higher than the uplink due to the bandwidth of the signals traveling through the coax. With that in mind, Cable Broadband remains asymmetrical.

Is RG59 Coaxial Cable compatible with RG6 Coaxial Cable?

yes RG6 should be used exclusively for satellite hookups and digital CATV. RG59 is fine for analog CATV signals but will not support the higher bandwidth used for satellite signals.

Can you take a DVR in which you have recorded shows from your cable TV and then connect it to a TV that does not have cable in order to view what you have recorded on the DVR.?

The Answer is no. you have to have a cable with the correct signal that can load the information that the box needs, which for most CATV systems is located at 75.25 MHz. This signal loads the firmware, TV guide, and other applications that the CATV company may be using.

Which companies are part of the CATV group?

The CATV group specialise in the cable service for America. It is made up of four key companies: SwissFiberTech AG, SwissFibreSystems AG, YplaY AG & CATVSatellitenFernsehen AG.

Why was cable TV invented?

Originally, it was used as a community TV antenna system (CATV) for areas that were blocked from receiving TV signals by mountainous terrain or even by distances too great for the average TV antenna to receive. Of course, a cable system was installed and people would subscribe to to the CATV company to gain access to the TV signals, which would normally be several more than they could receive by using their home's antenna. It eventually evolved into `cable' with the addition of satellites and companies that would provide program material to be rebroadcasted from CATV system providers who would add the additional programs using their own satellite receiving system, and then send it over their CATV system to their subscribers for a fee. That happened in the mid to late 60's and the `CATV systems' became the `cable companies' you know of today.

What is cl rating?

A CL rated cable is constructed to comply with the US Electrical Standard Code. It is a common cable used in installations. CM and CATV are also acceptable ratings.

Why can't you get basic cable on my sharp aquos?

Check in the menu to see if you are on the correct OFF AIR/CATV setting and there are a few different settings for the type of cable system you are receiving.

Where can I find a cable TV guide?

Here is a guide to the largest CATV providers in the USA:

When was Cable Television first available to the public?

CATV was actually first commercially available in 1948, not '38. Cable Television first was perfected in 1938 So it was available to public in 1938

Can I share a vcr on more then one tv?

You can output the signal from a vcr into a signal splitter and then send it to two televisions.It's a cheap little device that you see on your cable tv lines,one CATV cable goes in and two come out.

What is catv?

Community Antenna Television

What has the author Don Schiller written?

Don Schiller has written: 'CATV program origination & production' -- subject(s): Cable television, Management, Television programs

What does CATV stand for?

community access television

How does CATV system work?

Click Start :P

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