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Q: Which can be used to represent a many to many relation with abstract data types?
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What is the difference between relation and table in data base?

Table is where the data is stored and in a well designed schema a table represents some real world object such as CUSTOMER, ORDER, etc., Now the real world objects have relationships. For example, a CUSTOMER has many ORDERS. To represent this relationship a database relationship was invented.

What is the difference between data structure and abstract data type?

An Abstract Data Type is an interface that interacts with a data structure. A Data Structure is an implementation of the ADT. for example. If you were going to create a linked list you would create an Interface listing all the methods required by the list. Then in the linked list class you would code how the list uses these methods. Hope this helps :)

What term does not represent the same data as the others x-value output range second element?

what term does not represent the same data as the others?x-valueoutputrangesecond element

Difference between activity diagram and dfd?

In data flow diagrams, the lines between "boxes" represent data that flows between components of a system. Because these only show the flow of data, they do not give an indication of sequencing.In activity diagrams, those lines are simply transitions between activities and do not represent data flow at all. They more represent the sequencing of activities and decisions. You can tell from these what order things happen in.

What undesirable dependencies are avoided when a relation is in 3NF?

3rd normal form helps reduce redundant data, avoid data anomalies and ensure referential integrity.

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Is built-in data-type are abstract data-types in java?

All built-in data types are not abstract data types.

What are different data types used in 8087 programming?


What has the author Daniel F Stubbs written?

Daniel F. Stubbs has written: 'Data structures with abstract data types and Ada' -- subject(s): Abstract data types (Computer science), Ada (Computer program language), Data structures (Computer science)

What is the type of class for which objects can not be created except the static member?

Abstract data types or abstract base classes.

Why are classses in cpp called abstract data types?

No reason. It is not even true.

What are the language design requirements for a language that supports abstract data types?

What are language design requirements for languages that support abstract data types ---- Is something that you will find in your text book or ask your teacher. WikiAnswers cannot do your homework for you.

Abstract data type that store a whole numbers?

All data types can be used to store a whole number, even the data types that can store a decimal number.

What are abstract data types?

Abstract Data Types An Abstract Data Type (ADT) is a data type that has been created by a programmer – i.e., it is not built-in in the programming language. As any other data types, an ADT is composed of a domain (the set of values belonging to the data type) and a collection of operations to manipulate such values. The only difference is that such data type will be constructed by the programmer. When we build an ADT we really want to apply the principles of encapsulation and information hiding mentioned earlier. This means that, once we have finished building the data type, we wish others to use the data type exclusively through the operations we provide, and in no other way. In particular, to protect our implementation and guarantee the ability to evolve software, we want to ensure that the implementation of the ADT is hidden from other users.

What is the use of constructors?

Constructors are used in object-oriented programming languages to create usable instances of abstract data types (classes).

Points are useful to represent?

Points are useful to represent individual data values or observations in a dataset. They can provide a visual representation of the data and help identify patterns, trends, or outliers in the data. Points are commonly used in scatter plots, line graphs, and other types of data visualization.

What is an abstract data structure?

Abstract Data Type in computing is a set of data along with a set of predefined operations.The actual data inside the ADT is protected from direct manipulation. The exposed operations is the only way to manipulate the data.In easier terms, it is very much like (though not limited) to the objects in object oriented programming.

What are the Drawbacks of Object oriented languages?

Not all people can use "objects", some people just do not understand how to use abstract data types and operate it.