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Which capital cities are named after their countries' names?

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Andorra la Vella, Andorra

Djibouti, Djibouti

Guatemala City, Guatemala

Kuwait City, Kuwait

Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Mexico City, Mexico

Monaco, Monaco

San Marino, San Marino

Singapore, Singapore

Vatican City, Vatican City

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Countries and their capital cities?

You will find a list of countries and their capital cities in the link below. You can arrange the list in alphabetical order of the countries' names or capital cities' names.

Which capital cities are named the countries names?

San Salvador panama city Guatemala city

What are the names of the capital cities of the two countries in Australia?

There is only one country in Australia, and that is Australia. The capital of Australia is Canberra.

What Central American capitol cities are named after the countries names?

These include Guatemala and Panama.

Names of 52 Africa countries and their capital cities date of independence and colonial masters?


What are the names of africas two capital cities?

Africa is a continent and it has several countries in it not just 2. the capital city of south Africa is pretoria and the legeslative capital is cape town

Houston is the largest city in Texas Austin is the capital of Texas Where do you think these cities got their names?

They were named for the Founding Fathers of Texas.

You do not like caps in french?

Capital letters in French are used only - to begin a sentence - to capitalize proper names, countries, cities ...

How many us capital cities have more than one word names?

There 9 states that have capital cities with more than one word names.

Are the names of cities or countries always capitalized?


Are cities capitalized in french?

Yes, capital cities and country names are considered as proper names, and proper names are capitalized. Butadjectives derived from those are not, unlike in English.

What are some of the names of the major cities in Chile?

santiago capital city

What letter of the alphabet starts most capital cities names?


What are the names of major cities in Nebraska?

Omaha (biggest) & Lincoln (capital)

How many capital cities share peoples names?


What European capital is two cities names combined?

Budapest, the capital of Hungary, consists of Buda and Pest.

State capitals with spanish names?

Two U. S. states and one U. S. territory have capital cities with Spanish names. The capital of California is Sacramento, which means "sacrament." The capital of New Mexico is Santa Fe, which means "holy faith." The capital of Puerto Rico is San Juan. It is named after Saint John the Baptist.

Which is farther east the capital of Cuba or the capital of Nicaragua and what are the names of the two cities?

The capital of Cuba(Havana) is farther east than the capital of Nicaragua.

Is fleet a proper noun?

No, fleet is a common noun. Proper nouns always start wit a capital letter and are the names of people -- John, Mary or the names of countries and cities -- Paris France or the names of organizations or companies -- Harrod's MacDonald's

How did the Alliance cities get their names?

The people that made World of Warcraft named them.

What are the names of 2 major cities in Indonesia?

Jakarta, the capital city, is one

Bolivia a country in the south America has two capital cities what are the names?


What are the names of South Africa's two capital cities?

The Republic of South Africa has three capital cities:Executive- Cape TownJudicial- BloemfonteinLegislative- Pretoria

Why is a globe important?

A globe is important because it has all the country's and oceans names, and names of capital cities and continents

Why do Holland America ships all have dam at the end of their name?

Cause in Netherlands (Holland) they have many dams and city are named with dam at the end of their name. So they named their ships after cities, dams, and of points of compass.