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Which car is sold most in us?

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The number 1 selling car in the U.S. in 2013 was the Toyota Camry. The number 1 selling vehicle was the Ford F-Series pickup.

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What car is most sold in US?

The most sold car in the US isn't a car it's a truck..The Ford F-150

What is the first car sold in the US?

the first car sold in us is a American car

What is the most popular car sold in the us?

Toyota Camry

Most sold car make?

The most sold car is actually a truck. The Ford F-150 is the most sold.

US cars most sold?

according to my knowledge and i was really surpirsed when i heard this, its the ford f150.. its the most sold car throughout the world

What is the most common car accessory sold in the US?

The most common car accessory in the United States would have to be the air freshner, followed closely by floor mats.

What is the most popular car ever sold?

The most popular car ever sold is the Toyota Corolla. As of 2014, in excess of 40 million of these cars have been sold.

What is the most bought car in the US?

as of 2009, the most bought vehical in the united states is the ford F-150 which has sold 36,327 total

What is the most sold German car?

The Volkswagen Bug is the historically most produced and most sold German make.

What year was it when the first car was sold in the US?


Why is Peugeot not sold in the US?

Because they not great car

What is the most sold car in Lebanon?


What is the most sold car?

Toyota Corolla

What is the most sold Indian car?


What car is sold most in used car sales?

The used car that is sold the most is the Honda Accord. This is not necessarily a real statistic, it is just a reference to the number one search on Cars.

What most food sold in the US?

The Cheeseburger is the most sold food in the United States.

How many Volvo car are sold in US?

veriii manii

What is the most sold sports car?

Mazda Miata. Nearly a million have been sold.

What was the most common car sold in 2008?


What car brand sold the most cars?


What is the most sold luxury car?

Cadillac DTS

Where is the block heater on a 3.1 liter?

With out a year I will be unable to help you. Remember, if your car was sold in most of the US it won't have a block heater

What movie was sold most tickets in the US ticket box?

The movie that sold the most tickets in US history was "Gone With The Wind"

What is the most expensive car sold in Miami?

The most expensive car sold in Miami is the Lamborghini. This vehicle is sought after by many famous celebrities and car enthusiasts alike. It is a great looking vehicle with pizazz.

Top 25 vechicles sold in the US in 2008?

the number 1 car sold was jeep comander