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Group III machines

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Q: Which category of fax machines is most common?
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Which category of fax machines is currently most common?

Group III machines

Which brand of fax machines are the most reliable and long lasting?

Panasonic Fax Machines are the best and most reliable.

How can you access fax machines?

Most of them can be accessed by walking up to them.

How do you get aconfirmation from the fax machine?

most fax machines have an option to turn confirmation pages on. This will print out a page to confirm that the fax was sent.

How do you send fax to US with out using facebook?

Most fax machines have no integration with facebook, therefore there should be no problem sending a fax without it.

Does a fax machine record what you fax?

In general, fax machines keep a record of the time, fax number, number of pages, and call duration, but do not keep a copy of the fax itself. However, some fax machines can do this, storing at least the most recent few pages of sent faxes in memory.

Need to purchase three fax machines on a budget, which are the best?

The best brand of fax machines on a budget are the Hp Machines. These fax machines offer basic black and white printing at a fraction of the cost.

Do fax machines use a voice or data network?

Fax machines use data network.

Can you use telephone line in a fax machine to send a fax?

Yes, most fax machines require a telephone line as well as a connection to the phone network to send and receive faxes. While there are some fax machines that can fax over an IP connection, this is still the standard method for connecting a fax machine.

Do most cable companies offer fax services?

With most popular cable companies you can add a phone line for fax services. There are certain fax machines and devices that you can even share a fax line with a phone line.

What was a fax machine priced at in 2010?

According to the Consumer Search website, judging from the first 4 fax machines review, the price range was 50$ for most basic and it went as high as 300$. See

Fax machines are used for what purpose?

Fax machines are used to send paper documents to another fax machine user via a telephone line.

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