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Which centerfire Pistol does Mikhail Nestruev use?



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From an interview that Nestruev gave:

Going into the standard pistol a little bit, since you have shot so many Feinwerkbau air pistols, Do you shoot the AW 93 as opposed to the IZH 35 (the Russian made gun that he the FWB is a copy of)?

The sports pistol, you mean the FWB pistol as a small bore pistol? I have the original pistol from Russia, same as the FWB. It is a very good pistol and this pistol does a lot for the shooter. It's easy to shoot the pistol FWB or the Russian that's the same and I also was testing of course Walther pistols and all of them are good pistols, but they really don't compare or, compete with the last Hammerli pistol. I think that's also a good pistol. A very good pistol. For the standard pistol discipline I am the holder of the Russian record with the Hammerli (SP20).