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My username on millsberry is blingster16 and i am online most of the time, I have a friend who is online from 4pm to 10pm.

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What do you do in millsberrys?

You sign up then get a house then play arcarde games to earn millsberry money then go to the stores to buy thing for your house and have fun.It is basically an online world where you can show off.Update: Millsberry has now been shut down.

How do you sign up for online banking from Citizens Bank?

You can sign up for online banking from Citizens Bank by visiting the Citizens Bank website. Once on the page, click on "Online & Mobile Banking" in the top navigation menu and click on "Enroll online now" to sign up.

Is there Secret places in millsberry?

Yeah. But there is only one right now that i know. It is in Ravenwood. This place is called Ravenwood Manor. It is rumored to be haunted.

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Millsberry how do you get free money on millsberry.?

dere was a cheat before but know millsberry fixed it the cheat was u go to the town poll and keep clicking on ur choice for as long as you like but sorry its u canr do it now

Where is the old millsberry?

I think it's gone! They have a new renovated site now. It's not that good! Send me mail!!!! Send to (on millsberry) tmn93! -smile girl

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Is there any cheep yard sales on millsberry?

you can come to mine my user name is rabbitpink I have trophies lots and i am putting up more things right now us is rabbitpink

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Millsberry user and pass?

people who want a millsberry user and pass u are all idiots! u just want money and stuff and dont care about earning it this is my honest answer and sorry if you think it is harsh. p.s type in wiki answers millsberry good cheap yard sales now they are very good!!!!!