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Q: Wo is the secretary of treasure in the US right now?
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Who is the secretary of state now in the US?

Hillary Clinton

Who is the Secretary of State for US now?

Hillary Clinton.

Who was the first treasure of the US?

If you know please post it but for now its YOUR MOTHER lolololol

Who is the US secretary of war now?

Robert Gates is United States Secretary of Defense and Hillary Rodham Clinton is United States Secretary of State .

Who is the US secretary of war?

The position of Secretary of War refers to the leader of the War Department. This agency and position was disbanded in the US in 1947, after WWII. The most similar agency in the US is now the Department of Defense, headed by Secretary of Defense Robert Gates.

What presidents wife was elected a US Senator and later appointed Secretary of State?

William Clinton. His wife is Hillary Clinton. If you are not keeping up with the news, she is running for President right now.

What was US Secretary of State initially called?

What in the United States is now called the Secretary of State earlier in US history was called the Secretary of Foreign Affairs. In a way the latter title fits better with the duties of this office. The newer title of Secretary of State is not self translating into its most important function.

Has anyone been both secretary of state and president of the US?

I don't know, but I want to know now.

The role of the secretary of state in the US?

The role of the secretary of state in the US?

How do you contact US Secretary of Education?

the email for the current US Secretary of Education

Who is the secretary of state and what do they do?

Rice is the Secretary of State now...and there's talk of Hillary Clinton being the next one...though that's not confirmed. The Secretary of State is a high ranking government official (in the US) who is in charge of Foreign Affairs and Policy.

Who is the external minister of America?

There is no external Minister in US administration, instead the foreign secretary is in position now that is Mrs.Hillary Clinton