Which city has the most hotel rooms in the world?

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The answer is PARIS

Source: Euromonitor Intenational

Paris : 78 755 rooms (city proper) ; 154 745 (area) (as of 2005, source : OTCP)

Las Vegas : 136 733 rooms as of May 2008 (source : LVCVA) ; some 150 000 in the whole Clark County

Greater London : 101 269 as of 2001 (source : GLA) ; probably 112 000 by now considering current growth

: 73 333 rooms as of Feb. 2008 (source : NYC Statistics)
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Which non-US city has the most hotels?

Answer . \nFrom what I could find on www.tripadvisor.com Paris has the most hotels in the world, 1551.\n. \nLondon comes second with 985.\n. \nOld Europe has so many hotels because some of them are very small, only a few rooms.\n. \nThere may be more rooms in other cities as modern hotels are ( Full Answer )

What is the most expensive hotel room?

Answer $50,000 a night - Royal Villa at Grand Resort Lagonissi Athens, Greece I've been there its all right but I would expect some thing of higher class such as the Holiday Inn. BOOTY DROP!

Number of hotel rooms in new york city?

As of Oct. 2008, there are 77,000 hotel rooms in New York City, according to the New York Times ("Troubles for New York Hotels," Oct. 17, 2008).

Which city in Florida has the most hotel rooms?

City With Most Hotel Rooms Hmmm, well, it depends. Assuming we are talking about "Disney World" in Orlando then the answer is probably Kissimmee Florida. But, I'll assume you are considering traveling here so a bit of further information. The Orlando area that includes Disney World and Kissimmee ( Full Answer )

How many hotel rooms are there at Disney World?

As of April 2008 Disney owns & operates 25,126 rooms in the Walt Disney World Resorts.. Total above includes Disney's Hilton Head Resort and Disney's Vero Beach Resort.

What is the most evil city in the world?

What a bizarre question! Are you thinking of the a city with a very high crime rate, or are you looking for a city that is evil in some figurative sense?

Most expensive hotel room in the world?

The most expensive hotel room in the world is called the RoyalPenthouse Suite. This room is located at the Hotel President Wilsonin Geneva. The price for a one-night stay is $83,200.

What Cities have the most 5 star hotels?

Paris, I think there are many countries where u can find the five star hotels ....for more info visit http://www.cheap-hotels-anywhere.com/

Which are five hotels in the world having highest number of rooms?

10 Biggest Hotels in the world (number of rooms) 1. First World Hotel (Malasia) 6.118 (rooms) 2. MGM Grand (Las Vegas) 5.690 (rooms) 3. Ambassador City Jomtien (Thailand) 4.631 (rooms) 4. Luxor (Las Vegas) 4.408 (rooms) 5. Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas) 4.341 (rooms) 6. The Venetian ( Full Answer )

What US states have the most hotel rooms?

California. With well over 50 million people in the state, and several large metro areas, this state has, by far, the most hotel rooms of any state (beating out New York State, Florida, Texas and Nevada.

Southern most city in world?

This type of question depends upon your definition of a city. The Argentinian city of Ushuaia with a population of 57000 at Latitude 54 o 48'S, would seem to hold the palm. But Chile's Puerto Williams also makes this claim, but with a population of less than 3000, at Latitude 54 o 56'. New Z ( Full Answer )

What is the worlds most isolated city?

The most isolated city in the world is Honolulu in Hawaii. Thenearest city to Honolulu is Dalap-Uliga-Darrit, or Majuro on theAtoll of Majuro in the Marshall Islands, which is 2,282 miles away.

How many rooms does the largest hotel in the world have?

The largest hotel in the world to date is the Izmailovo Hotel,located in Moscow, Russia, in the District of Izmailovo. It wasbuilt for the 1980 Summer Olympic Games, held in that country. Itcontains near 7,500 rooms that are distributed in four buildings.

Which is the most expensive hotel in the world and where is it located?

1. Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons, New York; $34,000 per night\n2. Royal Penthouse Suite, President Wilson Hotel, Geneva; $33,000 per night\n3. The Presidential Suite, Hotel Cala di Volpe, Costa Smeralda, Italy; $21,000 per night \n4. Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab, Dubai; $18,000 per night\n5. Royal ( Full Answer )

What world do most players do the party room?

In worlds with the activity "Party Room". Most of the people in the Party Room are in member worlds because more rare items are for members. UPDATE: Now, the party room can only be used on the worlds with that title, 1 members and 1 non-members.

Which city in the world has the most number of hotels?

Probably Paris because of the large number of small hotels. . However, in the tourist trade, they count the number of hotel rooms and not of hotels because it's the number of rooms that's important. For example, a city can have 100 hotels but only 5,000 hotel rooms (average 50 rooms per hotel) wh ( Full Answer )

What is the largest sized hotel room at Walt Disney World?

Even though it is not a hotel The Cinderella Castle Suite is mostly likely the biggest. Supposed to be Walt's room when Magic Kingdom was finsish but he died before it was made.Later Imagineers went back and made the room a suite. A while back during Disney's A Year of a Million Dreams was going on. ( Full Answer )

What is the most expensive city of the world?

The most expensive city in the world for year 2014 is Singapore city followed by Paris, then Osol, then Zurich, then Sidney, then Tokyo. In year 2013, Tokyo was the most expensive world city. .

Which city is the most developed city in the world?

The most developed city in the world is famously known as Tokyo. If this has not answered your question for any reason please contact me and i will do a further explanation for it. Regards I.E. Professer of Valentins PhD university of Amarica, California. Copyright prohibited.

What is the most unhealthiest city in the world?

There is a city in Poland with only onehundred people in it and the have to wash there hand in brown gross water (thats what the even drink out of) & when the food gets mold on it the scrap it of.

What is the most radioactive room in the world?

The most radioactive room in the world is the Infinity Room, found in the former Rocky Flats area, (Colorado) the room was (is) so radioactive that it was impossible to measure with any technology, hence the name "Infinity Room." Since the government didn't want ten foot tall deer and coyotes with t ( Full Answer )

What is the most expensive room in the Hilton hotels in London?

There are actually several Hilton hotels in London proper. The most expensive of which is probably the Hilton Park Lane. This fashionable hotel, located in the Mayfair area overlooking Hyde Park, offers the Mayfair Suite for 679 GBP per night (about $1,000 at today's exchange rates), excluding taxes ( Full Answer )

What is the most cosmopolitan city in the world?

New York City. . People from every nation on Earth, 800 spoken languages, and individuals of every creed imaginable all endow New York City with the fabric embroidered into the cultural capital of the world and the most cosmopolitan city in the world..

Which are the most luxurious hotels in Luxembourg City?

Researching for luxurious hotels in the city of Luxembourg has provided 3 hotels. The 3 most luxurious hotels are Sofitel Luxembourg Le Grand Ducal, Le Royal Hotel and Sofitel Luxembourg Europe. All three of these hotels are considered classic luxury.

Which is the most luxurious hotel in New York City NY?

One of the most luxurious hotels in New York City is the Four Seasons hotel, located in midtown west. The price range is varied, but generally quite high, as the hotel offers a great view over the city, a spa, attentive staff and much more for a relaxing vacation and stay.

Where can one book hotel rooms in New York City?

A person can book hotel rooms in New York City at several different hotels. Some of these hotels include Off Soho Suites, The Plaza, Hotel Gansevoort, and The 3 West Club.

What are two of the most luxurious hotels of the world?

If you want to indulge in a lavish vacation, Malta has sometop-notch luxury hotels of the world for you. Accommodate in any ofthese hotels and enjoy some of the luxurious chunks of life, be itto dine with style or enjoy Maltese hospitality.