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The answer is PARIS

Source: Euromonitor Intenational

Paris : 78 755 rooms (city proper) ; 154 745 (area) (as of 2005, source : OTCP)

Las Vegas : 136 733 rooms as of May 2008 (source : LVCVA) ; some 150 000 in the whole Clark County

Greater London : 101 269 as of 2001 (source : GLA) ; probably 112 000 by now considering current growth

NYC : 73 333 rooms as of Feb. 2008 (source : NYC Statistics)

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Q: Which city has the most hotel rooms in the world?
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Which city has the most hotel rooms?

The city with the most hotel rooms is New York City. It has over 300 hotel rooms spread out across the city.

Which city has the most hotel rooms in the us?

New York City.

Which US city has the most hotel rooms?

Las Vegas

What city has the most hotel rooms?

Las Vegas, Nevada

What us city has the most hotel rooms?

Las Vegas, Nevada

Which city in the world has the most number of hotels?

Probably Paris because of the large number of small hotels. However, in the tourist trade, they count the number of hotel rooms and not of hotels because it's the number of rooms that's important. For example, a city can have 100 hotels but only 5,000 hotel rooms (average 50 rooms per hotel) while another having only 50 hotels but 10,000 hotel rooms (averaging 200 rooms per hotel). If you look at hotel rooms, then Las Vegas probably is the winner.

What hotel in Las Vegas has the most hotel rooms?

MGM Grand used to have the most rooms, but since the Ventetian built the new hotel knows as the Palazzo, Venetian has the most rooms.

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There are many hotels in Washington, DC that have expensive rooms. The Marriott is one hotel that has very expensive rooms, and the Hilton is another hotel.

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Most have in hotel help that clean the rooms. ICS are a hotel cleaning company and they are used a lot.

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The most common illnesses caught in hotel rooms are E coli and the flu, mostly from unsanitary bathrooms.

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Discount hotel rooms are open to the public,as this is how hotels make money. Most cities have a variety of hotels at a range of prices to choose from.

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they could either tell a little lie saying there is no more rooms or say most of the rooms are being redecorated

Does the SHeraton New York Hotel and Towers have nice rooms?

Yes they do. The offer very nice rooms. Most of their rooms come with the standad bed, table and fridge, they come with mini bars and can be taken outon request. This is a good hotel to stay at.

Does the Hudson Hotel in New York City have good reviews or should you find another hotel to visit?

The Hudson Hotel in New York City does have some very poor reviews that complain of subpar service. Most reviews note that the rooms are very small, so that may be a consideration. The Hudson Hotel tends to have an average review of 3 to 3.5 stars.

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Cheap hotels in Milan include air conditioned rooms and free wi-fi in most cases. Depending on the hotel and available rooms, the amenities will obviously vary.

What is the most expensive hotel in Rome?

TripAdvisor is a good source to find the best hotels across the world. They allow for ratings and feedback from past guests. In the extravagant city of Rome, in Italy, the most expensive hotel is the Aretemide Hotel.