Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver

Which city the day care is in soul silver?


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It is in golden rod city


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The day care is between Ilex Forest and Goldenrod City.

On the Route right below goldenrod city.

they are located just south of goldenrod city

Just before goldenrod city. You can get the day care man/woman's number on your pokegear.

On Route 34 below Goldenrod city, where you see your child hood friend again! The day care is between Ilex Forest and Goldenrod City.

One, below Goldenrod City. Google, my friend.

put in the day care with a ditto

you can find it in the grass north of goldenrod city. Also in the grass right outside of the day care ( south of goldenrod )

To get two Eevees in Pokemon silver catch a Ditto and put it in the Day Care with the Eevee you get from Bill next to the Game Corner in Goldenrod City

The Day Care Man will call you on your Pokegear.

in the day care. the old man gives them to you. or mr.pokemon (he gives you a togepi near the beginning of the game) day care location is between Ilex Forest and Goldenrod City

You catch an Ursaring in Mt. Silver and then go to the Day Care near Goldenrod City and Breed it with a Ditto. You can find Ditto in Cerulean Cave. Hatch the egg and it will be a Teddiursa.

The day care is between Ilex Forest and Goldenrod City. Put a Ditto and a Totodile, Croconaw, or a Feraligatyr in the daycare and they will have an egg

The day care in Gold and Silver (and also Crystal) is just south of Goldenrod city. It's in the house to the right of your screen just before you enter the city.

near the day care you know in the grass near goldenrod and near the daycare

get an electabuzz and a ditto and put them into the day care center then later the day care man will phone you to say that he has an egg for you get it and when it hatches you will have a elekid

go to the Pokemon day care on the south of goldenrod city and put your typhlosion with a ditto use the bicycle go up and down a few times talk with the old guy in the day care and he hive and egg

You can breed your Togetic, Togekiss, or Togepi in the Pokemon Day Care with a Ditto.

go to safforn city to the gym right beside it is where it will be

You mean Ditto. And by cloning you mean breeding a Pokemon with it at the day care by Goldenrod? Well coincidentally you can find it on the same route as the day care centre, convenient right?

put it in a day care with the same Pokemon opposite gender or with a ditto you will have to wait a while a the day care man will call you hope i helped

you can find ditto in the grass near the day care center it takes a couple tries but you can eventually find one

You have to raise 2 magikarps to lv. 100 in the day-care and they both have to have a leaf crown and one must be shiny.

Go to pokeMon day care and your pokemon should get some good Experience depending on what level your pokemon is.

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