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Which class is the best on cabal?


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it doesn't exist the best class on cabal dude ..

depends just the player ho control it

just try all classes and play on the one u like it

on + and - they ar like :

*on fa (force archer) and wiz (wizard) : they have good atack but low def + they can atack from distance

*fs (force sheielder) and WA (warrior) : they have good def and good crit (fs) but atack isn't very good

*bl (blader) : not rlly good def and atack but hit fast =D

*fb (force blader) : good atack but low def

>> so gl on finding the right char <<

for PvP, it is generally said that Blader is one of the best, as it has high crit rate and speed. For PvE, any class is good, but Force shielder is good defence