Which college has the best nursing program?

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2010-01-06 14:39:51
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University of Arizona Just about all colleges and universities have good nursing programs. I go to school with students getting their associates in nursing. They have all told me that it is easier to go to a community college for their associates and then transfer to a University that has a nursing program for your next two years of school. Also the community college will help you into getting in the university that you want and they will have a good list of colleges and universities that offer your program.

You could make a list of criteria to help you make your choice. There is not as much importance linked to the school you attended for nursing as there is in other fields. In any case, you should include the direct experience in hospitals as one of the criteria for your choice. If funds are an issue, many teaching hospitals offer assistance with tuition for a nursing degree if you come in as a practical nurse. Finally, your grades from the first two years of college are going to affect what nursing schools will accept you.

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