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University of Arizona Just about all colleges and universities have good nursing programs. I go to school with students getting their associates in nursing. They have all told me that it is easier to go to a community college for their associates and then transfer to a University that has a nursing program for your next two years of school. Also the community college will help you into getting in the university that you want and they will have a good list of colleges and universities that offer your program.

You could make a list of criteria to help you make your choice. There is not as much importance linked to the school you attended for nursing as there is in other fields. In any case, you should include the direct experience in hospitals as one of the criteria for your choice. If funds are an issue, many teaching hospitals offer assistance with tuition for a nursing degree if you come in as a practical nurse. Finally, your grades from the first two years of college are going to affect what nursing schools will accept you.

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What is the best college to attend if you want to be an RN?

A college with an undergraduate program in nursing.

What is the Difference between school of nursing and college of nursing?

The college of nursing has a Master's program, the school of nursing does't

What year did Franklin College Franklin Indiana stop the bachelors of Nursing program?

Never had nursing program

Is there a Nursing School in Sacramento?

there are several. . . Sacramento City College has an excellent nursing program.

Does Cameron University have a good nursing program?

Cameron University's nursing program is in cooperation with the University of Oklahoma College of Nursing, so you may want to look into what people think about that program.

What is the best college to go to for nursing?

the best college is south suburban college

Would I be able to get my nursing degree at Wayne County Community College?

If the college offers the nursing program, then there will be a huge chance of you obtaining your nursing degree. focus and determination to finish the course is also needed. Yes, you can get a nursing degree at Wayne County Community College. THere is also Graduates of the Nursing program for Applied Science degree in nursing.

What schools have a Masters Program for Bachelor of Science in Nursing?

There are a number of US schools that have a Masters program for a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. They include the NYU College of Nursing and the Columbia University School of Nursing.

What is the best college for nursing in Indiana?

Medtech college

What is the difference between nursing program and college of nursing?

For me, and my nursing school, our nursing school is the same thing as the nursing program...the program is the curriculum...the actual classes that we take...and the school is just another name. For example I applied to the Presbyterian School of Nursing at Queens University of Charlotte, in Charlotte, NC and when I got in they said "Welcome to our nursing program." Its the same thing.

College Nursing Is The Best Route For Psychiatric Nursing?

Psychiatric nurses are always in demand. The best direction is to go through a college nursing program that will provide theoretical and practical, clinical training. The future speaks well for instructors in this area. After experience, you can become a qualified instructor through graduate school training.

Does Azure college practical Nursing program is under probation?


What online nursing programs are available in Kentucky?

Chamberlain College of Nursing is a great online nursing program that also allows you to get hands-on experience at a local site. Also, the University of Phoenix has a good online nursing program.

How do I become a teacher of a Certified nursing assistant program ?

study well and get a degree and join one college then you will become a teacher of a Certified nursing assistant program

What college in Colorado offers a certified nursing assistant training program?

New Beginning Nursing Assistant Program is located in Colorado and you can contact them at (720) 377-7114‎.

How do you get your nursing license?

Get into the nursing program you're interested in, go to college, take the NCLEX and pass it. Viola! You're a nurse!

What is a college major for becoming a nurse?

If you plan on becoming a nurse, then nursing is the major. You can choose to start with an associate's degree in nursing (two year program), or a bachelor's degree in nursing (BSN) which is a four year program..

Where can I take a good nursing course?

Many schools offer great nursing programs in Maryland. Colleges and Universities offering programs in nursing include the Chamberlain College of Nursing, John Hopkins University, Lancaster General College of Nursing and Health Sciences, The Community College of Baltimore County, and Towson University to name a few. If looking for a graduate program the Uniform Services University of the Health Sciences offers a graduate program in nursing.

Where to find online nursing assistant training program?

To find an online nursing assistant training program , you should visit, they will match you up with the best program in your area.

What are some prerequisites for a college nursing program?

There are a number of prerequisites to enter a college nursing program, though the prerequisites may vary from school to school. One could contact the college they are most interested in for more information on prerequisites, or visit the school's website for more information.

Where can I get the best nursing certification?

Concordia University offers a program for nursing. It offers 150 nursing majors and you could also become certified through the graduate-level program at Aurora Healthcare.

What classes do you take in college to get your LPN?

Your best bet is to find a good NURSING PROGRAM at your local community college, state university, state college or local university. That is where you will find good, accredited programs. Good Luck! <<adr>>

Can you get a degree in nursing through a accredited distance learning program?

"After extensive research, I have discovered that, according to Baker College, it is quite possible to get a degree in nursing through an accredited distance learning program."

What is the best certificate program to get a job?

CNA - certified nursing assistant.

What are my options for attending nursing school online?

You can either do nursing school in person and attend courses in a college or university; you can do an accelerated nursing program online, which takes about 1/3 the time.