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Q: Which college is better North Carolina or Duke?
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Who is better in basketball North Carolina or Duke?

In 2017, North Carolina has a better record than Duke. North Carolina is 14 - 4. Duke is 11 - 7.

What are the longest college basketball rivalries?

Duke and North Carolina

What college team has the most NBA player north Carolina or duke?

Duke Blue Devils

Name the last 10 mens college basketball champions?

duke, North Carolina, kansas, Florida, Florida, North Carolina, ucla, Syracuse, Kentucky and duke Duke, NC, Kansas, Florida, Florida, NC, UConn, Syracuse, Maryland and Duke.

Do you like North Carolina or Duke?

In my opinion, Duke is much better than UNC. They are both excellent teams, though.

Where is Duke University location?

Duke University is located in Durham, North Carolina.

What two schools hold the record for most wins in college basketball in any division?

Duke and North CarolinaAnswerKentucky and North Carolina AnswerKentucky and North Carolina are #1 and #2. with kansas #3, duke #4, st john's #5

List of NCAA basketball teams in NC?

North Carolina Tar Heels, Wake Forest, Duke, North Carolina State, UNC Greensborough, College of Charleston.

Won the most out of North Carolina and duke rivalry?

North Carolina

Is Randolph Duke designer related to the North Carolina Duke family?

Yes, he is related to the North Carolina Duke family. He is my first cousin. His father and my mother are brother and sister. His grandmother lived in North Carolina, outside of Fayetteville North Carolina.

Who leads the series between duke and North Carolina in basketball?

North Carolina