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Which colleges have the biggest stadiums?

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Michigan's 109,901 seat "Big House" is the largest college stadium and the largest football stadium (NFL and college) in the United States.

The rest of the Top 10 are:

  • 2.) Penn State: Beaver Stadium - 106,572
  • 3.) Texas A&M: Kyle Field - 106,512
  • 4. )Ohio State: Ohio Stadium - 104,944
  • 5.) Tennessee: Neyland Stadium - 102,455
  • 6. )LSU: Tiger Stadium - 102,321
  • 7.) Alabama: Bryant-Denny Stadium - 101,821
  • 8.) University of Texas: Texas Memorial Stadium - 100,119
  • 9. ) USC: LA Memorial Coliseum* - 93,067
  • 10.) Georgia: Sanford Stadium - 92,746
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it depends... football, a certain team, baseball, or all the stadiums in the world?

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