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Colonial Virginia and colonial Maryland which are "Southern Colonies" can also be categorized as the "Chesapeake Colonies".


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Pennsylvania is the only state that was in the original 13 colonies that does not border the Atlantic Ocean. Vermont does not border the Atlantic Ocean, but it was not one of the original 13 colonies.

The Mississippi river forms the western border of the southern colonies.

The English Channel, which is a body of water running between the North Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Atlantic Ocean forms the eastern and southern border of New England.

The Atlantic, southern, and Pacific Oceans border Antarctica.

Pennsylvania does not border the Atlantic Ocean. Its is bordered on the east by New Jersey, Delaware, and Maryland.

The Southern Ocean surrounds Antarctica. The Atlantic Ocean surrounds the southern tip of South Africa. There is little agreement regarding where the border lies between these two oceans.

The Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean.

The Pacific, Atlantic and Arctic oceans border the United States. The Indian and Southern oceans do not border the United States.

Nope, the South Atlantic and Indian Oceans do.

Indian Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean

North Carolina and South Carolina are between Georgia and Virginia and border the Atlantic Ocean as well.

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It is the southern border for Texas; conversely, it is the northern border for Mexico.

AnswerPacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, and Indian Ocean.

Vermont does not border the Atlantic Ocean. New Hampshire and Connecticut border the Atlantic Ocean.New Hampshire and Connecticut border the Atlantic Ocean. Vermont does not border the Atlantic Ocean.Vermont has no border on the Atlantic Ocean. Both Connecticut and New Hampshire have borders on the Atlantic Ocean.Vermont does not border the Atlantic Ocean. Hew Hampshire and Connecticut border the Atlantic Ocean.

There are three bodies of water that bordered the thirteen colonies. They are the Atlantic ocean, the Hudson river and Lake Ontario.

The distance between the Northern Border of England and the Southern Border of England is 402 miles or 667 kilometers. Marshall Meadows in Northumberland is the most Northern city and Lizard, Cornwall is the most Southern city in England.

The Southern Ocean borders Antarctica on all sides. The Southern ocean merges with The Indian, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.

1783 was the date of the Treaty of Paris which officially separated the 13 American colonies from Great Britain. At that time the eastern border of what would be called the United States was delineated by the former colonies that had a coastline with the Atlantic Ocean. At that time all of the 13 colonies had a water access route to the Atlantic Ocean.

The border between the Central Alps and the Southern Limestone Alps is known as the Periadriatic Seam.

the Atlantic Ocean the Artic Ocean and the Southern Pacific Ocean

The pacific and Atlantic go to the southern part of the Artic ocean and border it.

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